For the Kids

My Vow

On Yom Kippur, we say the Kol Nidrei prayer. This means “all vows.” It is a prayer that absolves us of promises we made during the year that we didn’t keep. This prayer was first written for the Spanish Jews (the Marranos) who were forcibly converted to Christianity during the Middle Ages. They secretly kept their Jewish religion, and every Yom Kippur they would ask God to absolve them of their vows to become Christian.
We, too, get to say to God: “Please forgive me for not keeping my promises. I will do much better next year.”

Unscramble the words to find out about the story you will read on Saturday.
Every MYO PUKIPR we read the story of NJOHA. He is told by God to go the YCTI of Ninveh and tell the people to repent or they will be destroyed. NJOHA did not want to go, so he boarded a HISP to run away. A RMOST hit during the voyage and NJOHA tells the captain that to make it stop, they have to throw him overboard.
After they throw NJOHA in the water, he is swallowed by a LAHEW.
To find out what happens next, be sure to go to afternoon services on Yom Kippur.