Iran denies part in recent attacks in letter to Security Council

Iran denied involvement in recent attacks on Israeli diplomats and accused Israel of assassinating its nuclear scientists, in a letter to the United Nations Security Council.

Israel has made “unfounded allegations and distortions” against Iran over the car bombs placed last week on Israeli diplomats’ cars in India and Georgia, which led to the serious injury of the wife of an Israeli diplomat in New Delhi, AFP, the French news service, reported Thursday. The letter, by Iran’s Ambassador to the U.N. Mohammad Khazaee, also denied Iran’s involvement in terror cells arrested in Indonesia and Azerbaijan.

The letter asserted that Israel is responsible for the recent assassination deaths of several Iranian nuclear scientists.

Iran has “suffered from terrorist acts including assassinations of her nuclear scientists due to the tacit and explicit support extended by the Israeli regime to terrorist groups,” Khazaee wrote in his letter.

The letter accused Israel of waging a “war game” against Iran, saying that Israel has launched “covert operations, cyber warfare, psychological war and assassination of nuclear scientists,” and has threatened military strikes on Iran.