Worker accuses Sara Netanyahu of abuse

A foreign worker has accused the Israeli prime minister’s wife, Sara Netanyahu, of mistreating and assaulting her.

The woman from Nepal, identified Tuesday night by Israel’s Channel 2 only as “T,” accused Netanyahu of not feeding her, rejecting vacation requests, and verbally and physically abusing her.

The worker, who cares for Netanyahu’s elderly and ill father, was accused by Netanyahu of stealing money from her father’s bank account and of neglect, after the elderly man fell in her care, which the worker did not disclose.

“T” had been caring for Shmuel Ben-Artzi for two years when she was fired on Monday, according to reports. She went to the media after she was fired.

The worker injured her hand during a recent altercation with Netanyahu; the worker claims Netanyahu pushed her and Netanyahu claims the woman hurt herself when she fell after becoming upset, the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement.

Netanyahu has been accused of abusing her house staff in the past, most recently in a lawsuit filed in January 2010 by a woman hired to clean the Netanyahu’s house.