Israel to request U.S. support for strike on potential Syrian weapons transfers

Israel will ask President Obama for U.S. support should Israel strike a Syrian weapons convoy bound for Hezbollah.

The request, according to the Guardian, will come during Obama’s visit to Israel later this week. It may include a request for U.S. participation in the strike, according to an unnamed Israeli official.

“Maybe it would be better if Israel doesn't do it, but who is going to deal with it?” the official told the Guardian. “These missiles are not just a problem for Israel.”

Israel reportedly destroyed a Syrian weapons convoy bound for Hezbollah in December.

The U.S. has committed to taking military action should Syria deploy any of its chemical or biological weapons, or transfer them to extremist groups. The Israeli request, by contrast, would pertain to all missiles.

Obama is scheduled to land in Israel on Wednesday afternoon and will be in the country until Friday. Syria is one of the topics the president is set to discuss with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the trip.