WATCH: Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality paints disabled space around parked car, tow it

Hila Ben Baruch was painted into a corner and came out swinging.

Ben Baruch recently parked her car in a legal space near her central Tel Aviv apartment but returned to find the spot repainted for use by the handicapped — and her vehicle towed.

She threatened to sue the city for ordering her to pay a fine and the cost of towing to recover her car. Ben Baruch had a strong case: A surveillance camera recording documented the space's transition, and she posted it on Facebook.

The municipality returned the vehicle for free and offered an apology.

“This was indeed a serious error, and schlemielism that is unacceptable to the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality,” the city said in a statement, according to Haaretz.

Ben Baruch says she still plans to sue the city to recover damages for her mental distress. Regardless of any compensation she receives, the prime parking spot is gone — a tough loss in Tel Aviv.