Why I Love Venice, or, The Perfect Shabbat [SLIDESHOW]

Wake up.

Feed the dogs, goats and chickens.

Collect the eggs.

Yerba Mate.

Melanie Murez swings by to drop off the pumpkin we entered in the Venice Farmers Market Giant Pumpkin Contest.

The winning pumpkin, thank you.

Noa and I take the dogs for a walk on the canals.  We pop into the canoe we keep there, paddle around.

The water is see-to-the-bottom.  We paddle past egrets, ducks and seagulls.

We tie up by Washington Blvd., stop at The Cows End for an avocado and feta sandwich (and, of course, more yerba mate), then paddle back.

On our way back, we pass a Halloween parade of stand-up paddle boarders.  Katy Perry is there.  A Viking. A Goth Girl. A Human Reptile.

The group is from Poseidon Stand Up Paddle of Santa Monica. 

Noa and I look at each other: Only in Venice.

I go home and finish making chevre.  But that’s the next post.

[RECIPE]Cows End Avocado and Feta Sandwich

Split an Italian roll. Drizzle with olive oil and vinegar.  Lay on a half avocado, sliced, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, pepperoncini and feta cheese.  Serve with potato chips.


Only in Venice: The Venice Canal Poseidon Stand Up Paddle Halloween Parade

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