September 21, 2018

Cover Story

Seven years ago, after Roni Tour’s mother died, he decided to do something in her memory. He started cooking breakfasts at the Ateret Israel synagogue...
In 2004, Nancy Mishkin, a professional sculptor and a philanthropist, was diagnosed with breast cancer. “I was scared to death. 
Jason Youdeem doesn’t sell himself very well, citing, you know, “a typical Persian story”: that of a first-generation American whose...
Thousands of year ago, when winter came and the days grew shorter, the Mesopotamian forebears of the modern Yazidi people became anxious.
It was April 1949, and the residents of Jerusalem were in the midst of the first Passover being celebrated in the still young State of Israel.
On our many trips to Israel, our family had never spent much time in Tel Aviv because most of our friends and relatives live in the Jerusalem area.
When the news broke in israel of the United Nations’ vote to partition Palestine, it was a Saturday night after sunset. I was 25 and a student at...
Please rise and open your Zionist hymnals. Let us sing praises to three of the most miraculous minutes in Jewish history.
Call it the November dilemma. Every autumn, as we sit down to Thanksgiving meals, a lot of us find ourselves silently pondering the same question:
To mark Thanksgiving, the Journal asked some of its staff members and others to recall people in their lives to whom they are grateful.
The 188th, along with infantrymen from the Golani Brigade, fought in  the battle of Kfar Sil, a close-quarter bare-knuckle brawl against well-entrenched...
There are many ways to begin a story about Israel’s fight against terrorism. In this case, let’s open with a story about an armed robbery of a bank...
The old adage goes, “Two Jews, three opinions.” Well, what about 18 Jews? How about 18 Jewish leaders from around Los Angeles and the world?
Jeffrey Tambor has won two Emmys, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award for playing transgender matriarch Maura Pfefferman in the Amazon Prime...
One year after Israel’s lightning victory in the Six-Day War, David Ben-Gurion was asked what he now thought of the country whose independence he...
The impact of Israeli programs on American television has taken an almost biblical route: In the beginning, there was “BeTipul,”
Steven J. Ross sat down with Jonathan Kirsch, book editor of the Journal, for a conversation about his new book, "Hitler in Los Angeles...
More than one writer of fiction has imagined what it would have been like if the Allies had lost World War II and the West had come under Nazi occupation.
I used to consider it a badge of honor that Harvey Weinstein once threatened me. By some twisted Hollywood calculus, it sort of meant you had made it.
As a child, I always wanted a sukkah. We had no backyard or common area, and our single, tiny balcony could fit only a few chairs.
Inches of rain from Hurricane Harvey had collected in the synagogue’s lobby, with its display cases holding Judaica that dates back centuries.
Etan Goldman, 47, better known by his stage name, Etan G the Jewish Rapper, decided to go to Houston to donate time and resources.
The South Sudan refugees settling into Uganda’s Bidi Bidi settlement camp are struggling to cope with what has become a threadbare life.
They live in huts and mud houses, partaking of bare essentials only when they are available. There are few markets and fewer police.
Watching President Donald Trump equivocate during his criticism of the recent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville many liberal Jews saw a new low.
You don’t get rid of hate; you just have to be prepared, always, to fight it. It appears we now have to do battle with a feckless president.
I’m playing divine intervention, forcing chance encounters. Get a Hitler Youth leader and a Holocaust survivor in the same room and film it?
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