January 18, 2020

Cover Story

Skirball Cultural Center Founder and President Rabbi Uri Herscher is passing the baton to Bet Tzedek CEO Jessie Kornberg.
After weeks of assaults and 10 separate attacks over 8 days of Hanukkah, Jews of all denominations in the New York area are grieving, stunned and shaken from violence.
I love that in an Israel that is often divided between religious and political differences, we get to share space.
The most difficult commandment in Judaism is the obligation to honor our parents. In my 30 years as a rabbi, countless people have approached me, struggling with honoring abusive, toxic or delinquent fathers and mothers.
Are Jews a minority — oppressed or otherwise? From a statistical standpoint, of course we are. We are approximately 2 percent of the nation’s population
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