November 22, 2019

Five (Jewish) Ways to Celebrate Xmas

With all the hype over Xmas, what is a Jew to do today?  How about joining the celebration?  Why not?  After all JC was Jewish.

Here are five ways to celebrate:

1) Red Box your day.  (For the cost of a soft drink at a vending machine, you can get a movie.  How can you go wrong?  At $1, even if the movie is a flop, you didn’t lose much but the fact that maybe you should have gotten a Coke Zero instead.)
2) Have a faux party.  No tree, no ham, but plenty of food and gifts.  Why not?
3) Plan for date night with your significant other.  A movie?  Like everyone else.
4) Write your after Xmas list for Santa (or a list of discounted items you will pick up on Sunday). 
5) Order in.  Chinese food?  Nah.  Indian food.  And bring out the dreidels. The game of dreidel is fun any time.  (Use stale gelt as prizes or gumdrops from the gingerbread house you didn’t build.)  After all “a miracle happened there” didn’t it?

Merry December 25th to all…however you choose to celebrate it.