November 19, 2019

Beto Needs a Better Message than "Unity"

“It’s official: Failed Texas Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke has wedged his lanky frame into the Democratic 2020 clown car! Time to polish up some boots, take a mysterious drive around the country, and stretch out the ol’ lower legs.

One promise of the O’Rourke campaign is that he will actually achieve bipartisan compromise. He sells himself as “a youthful uniter, willing to listen and learn from the most recalcitrant right-wing voters and work with Republicans,” writes Joe Hagan in a soft-focus Vanity Fair profile. O’Rourke himself touts “my ability to listen to people, to help bring people together to do something that is thought to be impossible.”

This bears a marked resemblance to the thinking of Barack Obama, whose presidency could not possibly have been a better demonstration of the impossibility of achieving such a thing. The idea of bipartisan compromise through moderate outreach is simply preposterous. It’s nothing more than narcissism.”

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