November 17, 2018

Voting Where It Matters

“A unique feature of Israel is the degree to which people are involved with the country’s affairs. Every Israeli watched mesmerized in 2004 as windsurfer Gal Fridman won a gold medal at the Athens Olympics. The nation grieved over the 1995 assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Residents stand shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity to support food collection campaigns, on Good Deeds Day, in community volunteer activities, in youth movements, and recently also in DNA mass enlistment campaigns to find a donor to save a single soul. This is our greatness, and it is in our blood.

Although we eagerly consume news on coalition crises and Knesset shenanigans, most Israelis are unaware of what truly affects our quality of life – local government.

While Israel continues to develop in the face of many threats, it is the heads of the local authorities who are in the vanguard today – dealing with security issues that affect daily routine. Local politicians who respond to complex emergencies, keep residents informed of the developments, work with the national security services, and utilize information systems as required, are at the forefront.

Local authority heads are responsible for neighborhood parks, parking, the community center, after-school activities for children, cultural festivals, and construction. While national and international news garner the headlines, at the end of the day residents are concerned whether they have a good education system for their children, easy access to register their children in kindergarten and municipal programs, and well-maintained parks.”

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JJ Best Of The Web

"You are being watched. Right now, cookies are tracking which websites you visit and what you click on while you’re there. Your smartphone is logging your location."

"The US placed sanctions on 17 Saudis on Thursday as punishment for their alleged involvement in the murder of Saudi journalist and US resident Jamal Khashoggi... according to experts, the move doesn’t go far enough to reprimand the kingdom."

"If the slow-motion crisis that is Gaza ever has a turning point, then this week’s deal between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, or what’s left of it, and Hamas leaders, under siege, is what the turning would look like."

"Nicholas Parisi's new biography, 'Rod Serling: His Life, Work, and Imagination,' fails to present a complete picture of the legendary screenwriter who did his best work outside the TV show that made him famous."

"Nearly a year after the tax cut, economic growth has accelerated. Wage growth has not. Companies are buying back stock and business investment is a mixed bag."

"By shifting accents, Australian expatriates are seen to be shifting class and status, indicating a sense of superiority to those who remain in Australia. The quickly acquired faux-British accent in particular has been associated with pretension..."

"Denim, usually in the form of the humble pair of jeans, is arguably the world’s most popular fabric. Over the years, it’s been worn by everyone from supermodels to soccer moms."

"Capitalism disadvantages women along several axes. The dawn of the industrial revolution enshrined a division of labor that largely confined them to the domestic sphere."

"In the past five or so years, hosting a Thanksgiving meal among friends a week before the actual holiday has become a standard part of the celebration for many young adults."

"Are these business owners trying to keep out certain customers? What about children? Or people who are paid in cash, or others who, for whatever reason, can’t or won’t open a bank account..."

"Humanity is on the verge of a weighty achievement. On Friday, representatives of more than 60 nations will convene in Versailles, France, to approve a new definition for the kilogram."

"...the more modern form of the movement has its roots in late 19th-century Europe... The sole focus of some missions based in England and the U.S. was the conversion of the Jews to Christianity..."