Picture of Matthew Schultz

Matthew Schultz

Matthew Schultz is the author of the essay collection “What Came Before” (2020). He is a rabbinical student at Hebrew College in Newton, Massachusetts.

Noa Argamani’s Secret Annex

Like Anne, Noa was secreted away in an apartment while a war raged outside, unsure if she would ever again be allowed to walk free.

Understanding the As-a-Jew Jew

To be a Jew defending Israel is to be suspect of tribal bias. To be a Jew condemning Israel is to be a whistleblower. 

As Ready As We’ll Ever Be

I bought us a first aid kit, some LED lamps, and two more six-packs of water. I then went to the supermarket and filled up my backpack with canned goods.

Difficult Choices

Jews have always believed in the importance of higher education. Today, with the rise in antisemitism across many college campuses, Jewish high school seniors are facing difficult choices.


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