Matthew Schultz

Matthew Schultz

Matthew Schultz is the author of the essay collection “What Came Before” (2020). He is a rabbinical student at Hebrew College in Newton, Massachusetts.

On Losing Faith in Peace

Though I’ve lost hope right now, I’m thankful that there are those out there who haven’t.

Antisemitism’s New Converts

The rhetoric of the past month has primed countless Americans to accept bin Laden’s worldview, which is that “the creation of Israel is a crime which must be erased.”

Where Will the Jews Go?

If there is no country in the world that is safe for Jews, the decision of where to live will need to be made on other terms.

A New Politics of Unity

We need a unity government, not as an emergency measure, but with the recognition that unity is what will shield us from future emergencies.

I Have Another Country

In conversations I’ve had and will continue to have about the question of whether to stay or go, a number of factors are at play.


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