Matthew Schultz

Matthew Schultz

Matthew Schultz is the author of the essay collection “What Came Before” (2020). He is a rabbinical student at Hebrew College in Newton, Massachusetts.

New People

For a new era in human history, new people are required, which means that the old ones must — at some point — step aside.

Good Riddance to Corporate Pride

The work of Pride is the work of building community and striving for equality. It is the pursuit of the dream of a more just society. It needs believers, not sponsors.

Shabbat in the Age of AI

Engaging with AI will soon come to dominate our work weeks, and so it stands to reason that not engaging with it will come to characterize our Shabbats.

Why We Should All Celebrate Pesach Sheni

Regarding the Passover sacrifice, God institutes the holiday of Pesach Sheni (“Second Passover”) to be observed on the fourteenth of Iyar by those who were unable to participate in the first Passover due to impurity or because they were traveling far from Jerusalem at the time.

Are We Free to Resist AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a tool created by humans for humans. There is nothing inevitable about it.


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