Several Alleged Anti-Semitic Incidents Occur in Brooklyn Neighborhood

November 5, 2019
Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Four incidents of Orthodox men being assaulted or targeted for assault occurred on Nov. 1 in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Borough Park.

The reported instances include:

  • An unspecified number of people chasing after two orthodox Jewish males, both of whom escaped harm, according to the Jerusalem Post.
  • A passenger in a car punches a Jewish man; the car subsequently flees.
  • An unspecified number of assailants getting out of a car, assaulting a Jewish man, and then getting back into the car and fleeing the scene.
  • A suspect attempting to force at least one 16-year-old Jewish teen into a car. The victim escaped unharmed.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) told PIX 11 that the alleged instances are all being investigated as hate crimes and said in a statement to CBS New York that they will “never tolerate hate in our city in any form.”

Anti-Defamation League New York and New Jersey Regional Director Evan R. Bernstein said in a statement, “Following yet another string of alleged anti-Semitic incidents in Brooklyn this past Friday, we are urging all victims and witnesses to come forward with any information that may help bring the perpetrators to justice and prevent these incidents from continuing to take place. This is some of the most visible anti-Semitism in our country today, and it will take the entire community working together to curb the disturbing trends we’re witnessing in our city.”

Former New York Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who currently heads the Americans Against Anti-Semitism watchdog, tweeted, “Another day another violent anti-Semitic attack meant to terrorize the Jewish community! We are in a STATE OF EMERGENCY! We won’t remain silent!”

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