August 22, 2019

Renewed Middle East violence: It’s Iran stupid!

The last week has seen an upsurge of violence and terrorism in the Middle East with Syrian forces continuing to kill innocent civilians in Syria, mass suicide bombings in Iraq and terrorists in Gaza continuing to randomly launch rockets into southern cities in Israel. Many news pundits have claim the “Arab Spring” is the reason for the increased violence in the region, but these talking heads have failed to see that the real and sole culprit behind the violence is Iran’s fundamentalist Islamic regime! The Islamic Shiite clerics controlling Iran have been funding and arming militia groups in Iraq loyal to them to create unrest in that country, so Iraq’s quasi-democracy will remain weakened so that Iran can gain control of that country. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard for the past several months has been pouring in technology and weaponry into Syria to help Assad’s henchmen murder Syrians calling for his ouster. As if the Iranian mullahs’ weren’t causing enough chaos in the region, they have tried their best to divert the world’s attention for the slaughter in Syria by calling on their terror proxies in Gaza to launch new missile attacks on Israeli civilians. The hope of the Iranian clerics is to have Israel launch a full scale invasion of Gaza and release some of the world’s mounting pressure on Assad’s regime that is teetering on collapse.

Yes, of course when there is chaos in the Middle East the Iranian government’s leadership can rest easy knowing that they can hold onto their influence and power in the region. Yet what the Iranian mullah’s have underestimated this time is the will of the people in Syria seeking freedom and not stopping until they have overthrown the Assad regime. At the same time it seems as if the Israeli government has had a measured response to the attacks from Iranian backed groups in Gaza, but not played into the Iranian hands with an over-the-top offensive. Lastly the entire free world and the Arab world seem to be behind the people of Syria yearning for freedom and not behind Iran who continues to fuel this hellish fire in that country.  The Iranian clerics know that if Assad’s Syria fails, not only will they loose their main foothold in that part of the Middle East, but they will be humiliated from a public relations standpoint in the eyes of the world and the people of Iran for backing Assad. So the stakes are high for Iran in Syria and the desperate Iranian clerics are trying to pull out all the stops to prevent Assad’s demise.

One is left wondering when the Obama administration and the current State Department will finally come out to call to attention Iran’s current push for violence and terror that has engulfed the Middle East? Is there any “hope” Obama will call for real “change”— that is, regime change in Iran? The violent events of the last week that has been fueled on by Iran’s clerics are only further proof of the need for that the regime to be deprived of nuclear weapons and to be totally uprooted from power before plunging the Middle East into a full scale regional war.