August 23, 2019

It’s Super Sunday Time Again, Slightly Different

Lead donors have already contributed $32 million toward a new campaign to raise $100 million for a community endowment in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles in 2011, according to Federation President Jay Sanderson.

“This is supposed to ensure the future of the community, to support what will be the strategic priorities going forward over the next 100 years,” Sanderson said.

A $100 million endowment would generate about $5 million a year.

Federation’s goal is to fund the centennial endowment on top of the annual campaign, which for 2009 was $47 million.

Next week Federation launches its 2010 annual campaign with Super Sunday, an all-day event at the Federation’s Wilshire Boulevard headquarters and at the Valley Alliance in West Hills, where about 500 volunteers will call donors to solicit pledges. Last year Federation raised $4 million on Super Sunday, a number it hopes to match this year.

But Super Sunday itself will be toned down a bit from years past.

“In light of the economy, the thought was why should Federation be spending money on posters and signs on the street, when at the end of the day the amount of money raised is the same pretty much no matter what we do,” Sanderson said.

Past Super Sundays included mitzvah projects, parties and other events to attract volunteers and foster community spirit, but this year will be focused on making the calls, Sanderson said. The Valley Alliance will run mitzvah projects and offer community service credit to teens.

Sanderson, who took over in January, said next year’s Super Sunday will be markedly different. “We’ll do a big online component, and we’ll be reaching people in a significant way,” he said.