November 16, 2018

The Dojo

Right now I am staying in a Training Dojo for Spiritual Refinement. Every time I leave my bedroom there is an opportunity to practice being non-reactive, calm and accepting. The Dojo is staffed by two high-level teachers who have spent decades developing their teaching skills and know exactly how to give me the perfect training. They might test my skills at any time of the day or night. The Dojo? My parents' home.

Abram is told “Get Going: leave your birthplace, your country of origin and your father's house” (Gen 12:1). Anyone can buy a plane ticket and move 6000 miles away, set up a new life and proclaim you are a new person. But can you then return to your father's house and maintain that new identity?

I can hop from city to city on a Kabbalah book tour proclaiming mindfulness and enlightenment, but can I stay chilled and “enlightened” when feeling tired and reactive? Game On!!

The Law of Attraction states that we attract things according to our thoughts. If someone speaks about peace but holds negativity in their heart, they are going to attract the things they fear. We must be mindful of our thoughts.

Our reality is a mirror that we have co-created.

One step deeper: every time something 'bad' happens to us, can we take full responsibility by asking “how did I attract this?” or “how am I responsible for this?”. The work can be murky, looking into the deep dark waters of our soul, but it is the only place you will find the answers. The best a guru can do is introduce you to yourself.

Back to The Dojo. Can you leave the limiting behaviours of your youth, the negative family thought patterns that you wanted to be rid of, the inherited traits that do not serve you? There is only one way to find out if you have locked in your new self: visit your parents. If they aren't around, your kids will provide equal Dojo training.

Lech-lecha. Get going & step up to the Highest version of yourself.

Have a great weekend & Shabbat Shalom

Love from all at The Freed Global HQ.


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