May 24, 2019

This Video Captures the Terror of Hamas Rockets

A video has been circulating on social media that captures the terror that Israelis endure when Hamas launches rockets at them.

The video shows a Hamas rocket in the air that explodes, and then proceeds to show the chaos of Israeli children screaming and attempting to be herded into a bomb shelter:







According to the Times of Israel, Hamas launched eight rockets at Israel; two of them struck the town of Sderot – where the video was taken – causing severe damages to numerous vehicles, a home and an apartment building.

Three Israelis were also injured from the strikes, none of which are believed to be serious. Two pregnant women went into premature labor as a result of the rockets and eight other Israelis were taken to the hospital to be treated for anxiety attacks.

There was more:

Additionally, terrorists from the Gaza Strip ignited at least 11 fires throughout southern Israel that had to be extinguished by Israeli firefighters.

The rockets and arson attacks came a day after Hamas announced they would seek revenge for the Israeli military reportedly killing two Hamas snipers.