Obituaries: Week of May 15–21

May 13, 2015

Harold E. Abramson died April 19 at 87. Survived by wife Gloria; son Curtis (Arpi); daughters Jody (Mark) Barnhill, Robin (Rick) Lefkovits; brothers William (Pauline), Marvin; 6 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Jack Beckenstein died April 20 at 92. Survived by daughter Mariam (Alan) Fluger; 2 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Hank Berman Bedler died April 20 at 84. Survived by sister Marian Bee; brother Leonard; sister-in-law Cilla; niece and nephews. Groman Eden

David Berger died April 20 at 99. Survived by wife Rose; daughter Phyllis Sandler; son Michael (Andrea); 2 grandchildren. Groman Eden

Charlotte S. Bettinger died April 23 at 88. Survived by daughters Joy (Tom) Bader, Sandy (Sam) Friedman; 2 grandchildren; nieces and nephews. Groman Eden

Helen Brahm died April 21 at 89. Survived by sons Gary (Hildee), Douglas (Betsy); 2 grandchildren. Groman Eden

Edmond Cain died April 19 at 77. Survived by wife Susan; sons Robert, Steven, Richard. Groman Eden

Dolores Colton died April 15. Survived by husband Max; sons Bruce (Kathleen), Rick; 5 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Bernard I. Diamond died May 5 at 94. Survived by wife Natalie; sons Elliot, Bill; daughter Vicki; 17 grandchildren; 19 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Sheila Mae Dresnin died April 19 at 71. Survived by husband Sandy; sons Aaron (Leesa), Merick (Maria); 4 grandchildren; sister Rena (Mike) Schwartz. Mount Sinai

Harold Exler died April 15 at 86. Survived by wife Gertrude; daughter Sherri (Robert) Schreiber; sons Steven (Holly), Mark; 8 grandchildren; sister Dorothy Brown. Mount Sinai

Lloyd Jay Farber died April 18 at 66. Survived by wife Judy; son Robert; mother Rita; brother Greg. Groman Eden

Abby Feiner died April 18 at 75. Survived by husband Ronald; daughters Lynn Norton Ramirez, Cheryl Lynn, Susan (Aaron) Goldman; 4 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Bernard “Paul Ryan” Feldman died April 24 at 69. Survived by mother Joyce. Mount Sinai

Blossom Foreman died April 17 at 86. Survived by daughters Ellen, Roni (Jack) Van Miden; son Bill; 6 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild. Hillside

Sidi Freedman died April 17 at 84. Survived by husband Marvin H. Freedman; daughters Shari (Jerry) Mitchell, Pamela (Larry) Cedar; son Gary Freedman-Harvey; 7 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Kay Gabler died April 18 at 82. Survived by son Brian (Karen); daughter Shelley (Andrew) Pfeffer; 4 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Ronald Gerber died April 24 at 75. Survived by wife Caryn; daughter Lorrie (Chung) Yoon; son Bradley (Gina); 2 grandchildren. Groman Eden

Stuart B. Glaser died April 19 at 64. Survived by wife Gloria; daughters Alexis, Megan; mother Sarah; sister Robin (Roger) Davidson; brother Amron (Christine). Mount Sinai

William “Bill” Jasper died April 25 at 90. Survived by cousin Irwin (Fran). Mount Sinai

Mark Kale died April 23 at 65. Survived by daughter Shana (Benjamin) Kale-Jones; son Jacob; mother Shirley; brother Richard (Shelly); former wife Robin Rose. Mount Sinai

Ruth Helen Kanengiser died April 17 at 85. Survived by husband Howard; sons Lewis (Sandra), Steven (Mark), William (Colette); 4 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Homa Kavitz died April 18 at 98. Survived by daughter Jewel Pochter. Hillside

Eugenia Wilma Kerner died April 17 at 91. Survived by son; daughter Sandra Sanchez. Mount Sinai

Estelle Krantz died April 17 at 90. Survived by son Scott; daughter Roberta Swartz; 2 grandchildren; 4 great-grandchildren; 1 niece. Mount Sinai

Rachel Leah Leeds died April 23 at 93. Survived by daughters Ronna Dragon, Deborah, Sharon; son Joshua; 2 granddaughters; brothers Leo Finegold, David (Galila) Finegold; sister Esther Wedner. Mount Sinai

Lynne Gloria Leff died April 17 at 71. Survived by brother Harvey (Ellen); 4 nieces and nephews. Mount Sinai

Basya Loselevich died April 15 at 89. Survived by son Isaac; 2 grandchildren; sister Dora Alpert; 1 niece. Hillside

Irma Maiten died April 15 at 96. Survived by daughter Rochelle Dodge; 5 grandchildren; 9 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Ida Merfogel died April 26 at 92. Survived by husband Simon; daughter Maria (Eugene) Karpus; 2 granddaughters. Mount Sinai

Julius Mischel died April 19 at 99. Survived by son Mark (Pamela); daughter Sydnie (Herb) Coleman; 5 grandchildren; 9 great-grandchildren; brother Leo. Groman Eden

Shirlee Pressman died April 18 at 87. Survived by sons Greg (Diane), Jeffrey; 3 grandchildren; 4 step-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Gloria Reese died April 18 at 87. Survived by son Richard (Maya Lea Newton); 5 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Donald Robbins died April 18 at 80. Survived by wife Rita; daughters Karen, Debbie (Marty) Adelstein; 6 grandchildren. Hillside

Esther Rubin died April 16 at 88. Survived by sons Nathan (Michele), Stuart (Annette); 7 grandchildren; brother Joe Rottenberg; sister Miriam Oxsenberg. Hillside

Thomas Sardi died April 19 at 60. Survived by wife Kee; daughter Rachel; brother Peter. Mount Sinai

Lulu Schaeffer died April 22 at 87. Survived by daughters Karen, Wendy (Rick) Korkes. Mount Sinai

Murray Robert Tobias died April 24 at 92. Survived by daughters Barbara (Cyndi), Elaine (Stuart) Nathan, Yetta (Henry) Tobias-Bennett; 3 grandchildren;  2 great-grandchildren. Groman Eden

Louis Weiss died April 14 at 78. Survived by brother Meyer (Joy). Hillside 

Stephen Joseph Wilber died April 19 at 73. Survived by sons Mark (Mel McClish); Jay (Monique); brother Richard (Madelyn); 3 nieces. Groman Eden

Muriel Joyce Williger died April 22 at 84. Survived by daughter Karen (Don) Campbell; sons Daniel (Kristy), Joey B. (Daniel) Evans; 5 grandchildren. Groman Eden

Arthur Sidney Winthrop died April 17 at 91. Survived by wife Barbara; daughters Sally, Emily, Anne; sons Richard, Daniel, Gary; 4 grandchildren. Groman Eden

Lane L. Wolman died April 22 at 89. Survived by son Randy (Nancy); daughter Valerie McDonald; 4 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild. Mount Sinai

Irvin Zeil died April 18 at 94. Survived by daughter Heidi; son-in-law Walter Rodriguez; sister-in-law Loraine Jacobs. Hillside

Arthur Zoloth died April 21 at 96. Survived by wife Helen; son Stephen (Cathy Quimby); daughters Laurie (Dan Dorfman), Joan (Travis Stephens); 9 grandchildren; 5 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

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