October 14, 2004

Record Gift Given to Boston Day Schools

Jewish educators hope one of the largest gifts ever for Jewish education in America will prompt other philanthropists to follow suit.

American Red Cross Seeks Image Rehab

Howard Parmet, community outreach consultant for the American Red Cross (ARC) of Greater Los Angeles, wants to build bridges to a Jewish community that has largely shunned the organization because of a belief that it is anti-Israeli at best and anti-Semitic at worst. Parmet wants to rehabilitate the organization\’s image, dispel misperceptions and recruit legions of local Jewish volunteers.

Cohen Jockeys for Position in Racing

What\’s a nice Jewish boy doing in a profession where he can\’t eat? If his name is David Cohen, he is making the mealtime sacrifice to break into the ultra-competitive Southern California jockey colony at Hollywood Park.

Five Jews Nab Nobel Science Wins

When David J. Gross, a winner of this year\’s Nobel Prize in physics, was asked whether he was Jewish, he told a reporter, \”What do you think? Of course!\” The same affirmative answer applied to five out of six 2004 science Nobel Laureates. Two are Israelis, three are Americans — all from Southern California universities — and two of these Americans have close ties to Israel.

Garden of Eden Now a Paradise Lost

Diving among coral reefs, lounging on colorful pillows by the sea, taking in views of rose-colored mountains, ordering plates stacked high with honey-drenched banana pancakes — Israelis have long made Sinai a favorite vacation destination.

Jewish Militia: Fact or Ficton?

In Paris on Sept. 28, two-dozen men armed with clubs and wearing motorcycle helmets stormed the Pays de Cocagne bookshop on the Rue Vieille du Temple to the cries of Israel vaincra! (Israel will be victorious.) Six people were slightly injured.

Rocket Threat Casts Shadow on Kibbutz

Kibbutz Nir\’am, which is slightly closer to the Gaza Strip than Sderot, seemed dead that morning. The air was hot, harsh and still. Hardly anybody was outdoors.

Heading Toward Normal in Bosnia

Jakob Finci, longtime leader of the Bosnian Jewish community, took a swallow of local draft beer and gestured at the mellow crowd enjoying dinner in an upscale new restaurant not far from the city\’s synagogue.

Has the State Got a Proposition for You!

The wind grows colder, the days shorter and a 165-page, gray book of propositions arrives in everybody\’s mailbox. Welcome to the election season — for Californians.

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