August 31, 2000

A Nanny’s Story

There are a thousand stories in the naked city of Los Angeles, but when it comes to nannies, there are at least a million – nannies who have a free reign of the household, nannies who make good salaries, nannies who get help from their employers to buy cars or put a down payment on a house. But there are the other stories as well – the nanny who works long hours for little pay, with no holidays, no sick days, no breaks. \”I knew when I was here without papers, I didn\’t deserve to be here,\” says nanny Carmen Davis, \”but still, that didn\’t mean I deserved to be treated without respect.\”

Collective Wisdom

From personal to political, low-key to bombastic, a sampling of the Jewish wisdom rabbis will be imparting during the High Holy Days was on display Aug. 22 at Stephen S. Wise Temple.

Rose’s Quest

The hiding places in the title of Daniel Asa Rose\’s new memoir refer to the haylofts and cellars where his relatives hid from the Nazis during the war years, and also to the suburban tool sheds and coat closets where the author crawled into during his childhood in a mostly gentile Connecticut town. The title also alludes to the author\’s efforts to avoid his Judaism. Traveling to Europe to find his family\’s hiding places in Belgium and France with his two young sons, Rose comes to see that hiding places are \”not merely dark holes of concealment\” but also \”places of revelation.\” The trip leads him to understand the links between present and past, his own connections to his family\’s past and to the Jewish future.

Crown Jewel

Settling with a cup of coffee into the comfortable armchair in his new office, Rabbi Mark Diamond might need to get used to doing a lot more sitting.

Reflecting on the Past

There were reasons for Carole Goldman to decline the role of Ma in Richard Greenberg\’s Jewish-assimilation play \”Everett Beekin,\” opening tonight at South Coast Repertory.



Seeking a Home

Despite repeated success, Los Angeles\’ West Coast Jewish Theater (WCJT) still lacks a space to call its own.

His Summer Vacation

Michael Weinberg\’s intent to discover the remnants of Judaism in the Far East was sparked by his interest in travel, birds and colonialism.

More news and opinions than at a
Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.