March 4, 1999

He Said, She Said, We Said

\”Two Jews, Three Opinions\” (Berkeley, $24.95) is the kind of book you assume has been around for centuries, if only because the concept has.

God’s Fingerprints

It was a Saturday morning in the middle of winter — bright and sunny and cold, with a sky washed clean by the wind.

Making the Cut

Circumcision was Page One news in the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday after a report from the American Academy of Pediatrics did all but call the ritual cutting medically meaningless. You didn\’t have to be a man to feel the cut.

Young Israel Matures

Had Elazar Muskin not locked himself out of his uncle\’s house while on his honeymoon here 13 years ago, he might not today be rabbi of one of Los Angeles\’ most vibrant Orthodox shuls.

A Modern Take on King Lear

\”King Levine,\” a two-act comedy at the Odyssey Theatre, is propelled by a fairly ingenious concept. Playwright Richard Krevolin has transformed Shakespeare\’s King Lear into an elderly, self-made business tycoon, who reigns supreme as the frozen-bialy monarch of America.

‘Lolita’ Revisited

Paula Vogel\’s \”How I Learned to Drive\” has come to the Mark Taper Forum, and one wonders if it has lost something in its trip across country. Despite an arresting performance by Brian Kerwin, its male lead, this Los Angeles production doesn\’t live up to the high expectations that preceded its arrival. The play received critical acclaim during its New York run, culminating in the 1998 Pulitzer Prize. (Vogel is wowing New York critics once again this season with the debut of her latest play, \”The Mineola Twins.\”)

Hoffman on Hollywood, Judaism and the Holocaust

What moviegoer can forget the scene: a graduation party around a Beverly Hills swimming pool, where a callow, young graduate named Benjamin Braddock gets a little career advice — one word: \”Plastics.\”

“He’s Hip!”

A few years ago, at the age of 24, Brooklyn-born Danny Hoch got the kind of phone call most struggling actors dream of. It was his agent, telling him that the people from \”Seinfeld\” had called: they wanted Hoch to get on a plane the next morning to tape a guest-starring role on the hit television series.

‘My Judaism Is the Civilization’

Amos Oz, Hebrew novelist, secular prophet and self-proclaimed \”non-synagogue\” Jew, has joined his local Reform congregation in Arad, the Negev desert town where he has lived since leaving Kibbutz Hulda a decade ago.

More news and opinions than at a
Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.