March 28, 2020

One is too little- about Jewrnalism Project, interview with Klaudia Klimek

One is too little or a few words about the Jewrnalism project

Today it is sixty six years since the most tragic military conflict in the history of our planet finished and we still listen about Polish concentration camps and a stereotype of a Pole – according to many Europeans – is a clinical example of anti-Semitism and many other possible prejudices, so the development as well as the existence of a Jewish community is hardly possible here. What`s more, these terrifying opinions are heard too often.

Any different opinions ? Do we really have to be tortured with a war feedback making contemporary Polish – Jewish relations complicated ? Does it have to influence the international relationship between Jewish communities making them different rather than bringing the together ?

In the situations that need concrete, direct actions a single human is limited to a passive engagement rather than to an engaged activity ( I`d like to, anyway what can I do ? …it does not depend on me in any way…Of course I`m against, but I haven`t got any influence on that…and many, many others ).

People say that one is too small, but shall the activity and determination of an engaged individual follow the scheme of this allegory concerning human activity ?

A newly born project JEWRNALISM is a real contradiction of such an approach.

Its author and an animator, Klaudia Klimek is one of the few who want to strengthen the integration of the Jewish communities on the world.

As Klaudia says the project`s task is to create a group of journalists in European countries who would provide the materials such as articles, photographs or films, that soon would be distributed to Jewish media in Israel and the U.S.A. 

The main task of the reporters is to show lives of the local communities stressing their creativity and existence.

The project`s idea is to influence the relations built on the basis of understanding, esteem and equality. It also has to fight with the stereotype, harmful approach concerning Jews from the Eastern Europe. 

Klaudia adds, that the project has to help the Israel and American Jews to understand their Eastern brothers.

Let them see our life in a quite different way, culture that doesn`t die and is not based only on the overwhelming ideology of the Holocaust. 

We want to show that our creativity in making projects for the whole community would make us equal partners in Jewish global creativity, not the receivers of grants only.

I hope that mutual understanding would influence the unity of the Jewish nation all over the world making it more strong.

The basis for the peaceful co-existence of different groups is a tolerance. Its lack was the result of ignorance and disinformation.

While asked about the contemporary causes of prejudices Klaudia says : I think that we are the ones who make and maintain prejudices. For example – the educational programs for the leaders of the Jewish communities are limited to a given country only, what does not make any sense. It is useless to make invisible borders between, for example, Polish and German Jews. In this way we create the borders between the East and the West.

JEWRNALISM is a very important idea, stressing all that brings together and neglecting all that differs.

All interested in the matter are welcome to the official Project’s site – where they can find many really interesting and inspiring press materials.