April 2, 2020

Adam Lambert keeps his lips to himself at last night’s AMA awards

American Idol finalist Adam Lambert will return to ABC’s American Music Awards after a two year hiatus. In 2009, Lambert set off a firestorm with a sexually explicit performance that included “” title=”Weighing in on his racy finale, The L.A. Times Pop & Hiss blog writes:”>Weighing in on his racy finale, The L.A. Times Pop & Hiss blog writes:
Within minutes of the American Music Awards coming to an end, irate viewers had begun writing in. Reader Kathie Kunish declared that the telecast should have been rated “PG-14,” and user “penny” noted that she had to cover the eyes of her 10-year-old daughter.

After the performance, rumors began circulating that Lambert was persona non grata at the AMAs.  ” title=”Examiner.com”>Examiner.com, dickclarke.com clarified, “AMA producers have debunked the notion that Lambert was banned from the show…
Dick Clark productions is proud to have Adam Lambert back after his incredible 2009 AMA performance.”

Last night, Lambert was tame, and his presentation had none of the sexually explicit raciness from 2009.  Still, he made sure to alert his million-plus Twitter followers on Saturday that he would be on the show. According to