New sad trend of Jews being murdered in Iran

January 18, 2013

For the last 33 years the Iranian regime has done its utmost to constantly utilize their propaganda machine by spinning images of the regime “loving Iran’s Jews” and the Jews living in a supposed “total paradise in Iran today”. In fact I have written extensively on how the regime’s propaganda spinners make Nazi Germany’s infamous propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels look like a kindergartener with their expert use of parading the country’s “happy Jews” for display before the international media at every chance possible to make the world believe they “love the Jews of Iran”. Yet the sad circumstances of the last few months and more recently concerning the security of Jews in Iran have proven the real reality that the Jewish community there faces imminent danger.

In recent months there has been a horrid trend of Jews being attacked and murdered in Iran. Stories surrounding the tragic murders have not been reported by the Iranian state-run media or the mainstream Western media, but independent journalists like myself and human rights activists have exposed these stories. I reported last month on the gruesome November murder of an older Iranian Jewish married woman in the city of Isfahan. This poor woman was repeatedly stabbed, straggled to death and then had her limbs cut off by her attackers. Likewise, late last month news outlets in Israel reported that a 24-year-old Iranian Jewish man was brutally murdered in his upscale home in Tehran. While the Israeli news reports claim the motive behind his killing involve some forbidden love with a Muslim woman, independent sources in Iran’s Jewish community have not yet confirmed or denied the supposed “love story” aspect of this killing. Lastly, several weeks ago an article from an Iranian news outlet online reported than an Iranian Jewish man was attacked and killed in his jewelry business in the city of Shiraz.

These recent trends of Jews being murdered in Iran only further proves that Iran is not a safe place for Jews no matter what the regime may say or what the Iranian Jewish representatives claim before the western new cameras.  So my question to the stooges running Iran’s propaganda machinery is what happened to your so called love of the Jews? If the Jews live in such safe and free conditions in Iran, when why has there not been one news report about how the regime investigating these heinous murders? If you love the Jews living in Iran so much, then why has there been no increased security around the Jewish synagogues or centers in Iran? Why hasn’t there been one newspaper, radio, television or online report about the murders period from the Iranian state-run press? The truth of matter is clear, the Iranian regime and its idiotic propaganda spinners do not want anyone to know about the real facts that Jews are facing danger while living in Iran. This reality would shatter their long running storyline that Jews are supposedly free and fully protected by the Iranian regime.

Several years ago the New York Times opinion columnist Roger Cohen visited Iran and returned to write about the “very safe and free conditions” for the Jews in Iran.  He was criticized by myself and others familiar with the Iranian regime for foolishly falling for the propaganda put out by the regime. So where is Roger Cohen today and why is he not taking note of these recent trends of murders and attacks against Iran’s Jews? Roger, is Iran still a paradise for Jews or are you still living in the land of make-believe?

Furthermore the apologists in the West for Iran’s regime and those who seek to negotiate with the regime need to wake up and smell the horse dung put out by the ayatollahs in Iran! This regime in Iran is a serious violator of human rights against Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Baha’is, and Sunni Muslims. Religious minorities have ZERO freedoms in Iran and face the threat of total annihilation every day. The regime in Iran has also violates the human rights of women, homosexuals, union organizers, journalists and anyone else opposing their radical Islamic political views! Thousands of people are hung every year in Iran for supposed crimes against Islam and the state–  some people are even executed in secret. This regime in Iran and its leaders are not rational! The recent dreadful murders of Jews occurring in Iran under the current regime, should be a wakeup call to Americans, Europeans and anyone else in the free world that the regime’s leaders cannot be trusted and must be totally removed.

Lastly if anyone actually believes the garbage coming out of the mouth from any Jewish leader or individual Jew in Iran about the supposed “freedoms and good lives Jews have in Iran”, then they are living in a fairytale land of make-believe! The only reason these Jews in Iran are praising the regime before the western press interviewing them is because they are facing duress, potential imprisonment and even execution by the regime’s thugs if they say anything negative about the Iranian leadership. Therefore the comments from Jews in Iran about their living conditions have no credibility in my eyes or those who know about the Iranian regime’s propaganda puppet masters.

For a few years I have been monitoring and writing about the Iranian government’s use of Iranian Jews for their own disgusting propaganda purposes which can be found here, here and here.

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