February 17, 2020

ALIVE reminds me

There are two people sitting below a large statue.

Alive spoke about how the REAL is the only thing that interests her, the potential of what is moving through her at all “given” moments.
She says, “Isn't it wild the things we still agree upon, that we keep perpetuating?”
I apologize for any kind of reality that is a memory.
For all my agreements of what real is, I apologize.
Your own pace is the ecstasy that is my exception.

Two people sit below such a large statue.  As the story goes, Avraham bashed them, defaced them.
Avraham freed them.

Some say you might be freeing a holy soul stuck in a cow by saying a blessing before eating, assuming that this is a form of illumination, liberation. Maybe it's like eating a big piece of the flesh of a cow

But I am chicken wings – afraid to just live life. 

Take me and change other things around me– and I am a moving statue in our own crystal formation.

We sit on the steps.

It is very important, the reasons You bring us together.
The sky is opening up and I said I could never ever, slightly, always, move.
Therefore, I become cocky that I am good at stillness,
that I meditate.
That I am a deep breather and have breath control.

I know Alive is not afraid of anything—
not the Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptions, the Germans, even not this:
seeing stillness, slowness, and control as
understanding You- Not ever.

Alive reminds me of how we have no preference between endless movement unable to stop, and the stillest timer sitting loving you.

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