April 1, 2020

15 amazing discounts for seniors in Los Angeles

What’s the best part about getting older? Discounts! It’s like being a kid again — no adult prices to hold you back from having a good time. With savings on everything from museums to restaurants to movie theaters, it’s easy to go out on the town and take advantage of the perks of your seniority. Here’s a handful to get you started, both locally and nationally.


Alex Theatre, Glendale: Discount depends on the show (65+)

Autry National Center of the American West: 40% discount (60+)

Hollywood Bowl: Senior rush tickets at $10.00 may be available for some Tuesday/Thursday concerts. (65+)

LA Philharmonic: $20.00 or $10.00 rush tickets, depending on section, based on availability. Discount subscriptions available for Friday Midday series. (65+)

The Colony Theatre, Burbank: Discounts on season or single tickets (62+)

Outdoor Fun

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens: 17% discount (62+)

National parks: $10.00 Senior Pass with lifetime access to all federal parks (62+)


Bob’s Big Boy: 10% off order (55+)

Denny’s: 10% discount (55+), 20% with AARP membership 

IHOP: 10% off (55+)

Papa John’s: 25% off with AARP membership 

Outback Steakhouse: 15% off with AARP membership (Monday-Thursday)

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor: 10% discount (55+)


Amtrak: 15% off lowest available fare on most trains (62+)

Southwest Airlines: Senior fares vary; all fully refundable (65+)