November 21, 2018

‘Inside’ Jessi Klein: From lingerie to baby drool

In Jessi Klein’s eyes, there are two kinds of women: Those who are poodles and those who are wolves.

The poodles are delicate, hyper-feminine women who always wear matching bras and underwear and lose their virginity in high school. Then there are the wolves. They’re funny, sweat a lot, own two bras total, and don’t have sex until at least their junior year of college. 

Klein is a member of the latter group, and in her new book, “You’ll Grow Out of It,” the comedian and head writer and executive producer of “Inside Amy Schumer” talks all about her wolf status, motherhood and going from what she calls a tomboy to a “tom man.” 

In the book, released in July, Klein reveals her vulnerability, especially in situations where she was confronted with the idea of womanhood. She writes about trying on more than 100 wedding dresses before getting married and pumping breast milk at the Emmys after winning an award for “Inside Amy Schumer.”

Though she’s written for many other shows, “Inside Amy Schumer” is where Klein can get personal and incorporate her real-life experiences, she told the Journal. In one sketch that aired this past May, Schumer goes shopping for a black T-shirt in a size 12. The thin sales associate shows her doll-size tops and then takes her out to a pasture with Lena Dunham and a cow, two of the other shoppers. 

The sketch, which pokes fun at body shaming in retail stores, is similar to the time Klein went into an upscale French lingerie store and ended up crying because nothing fit, an episode that is related in her book. 

“All of the writers [go personal],” she told the Journal. “The voice of the show is very intimate, and our process involves the writers embarrassingly kicking around the more awkward details of their lives.”