November 19, 2019

Travis Allen

Jewish Journal: What’s the first thing you will tackle if elected?

Travis Allen: Job No. 1 is to cut taxes and repeal the gas tax. We’re actually going to do that on election night in November. In my first 100 days in office, I’m going to reverse the illegal sanctuary state [status] by gathering the signatures to call a special election so the people of California can reverse this illegal and unconstitutional law. In my very first budget, I’m going to defund Gov. Jerry Brown’s high-speed rail and refund the money back to California taxpayers.

JJ: How would you do that without violating federal grant agreements, and what would you do with the infrastructure that’s already in place?

TA: Whatever money has been spent is nothing compared to the potential cost of the high-speed rail. The current estimate is $77 [billion] to $100 billion, and it’s over a decade behind schedule. Californians don’t want the high-speed rail and we certainly don’t need it. There’s one section we’re going to leave standing. It looks like a bridge. I’m going to leave it with a sign on it that says “Jerry Brown’s Legacy” so that Californians will always remember that’s all he ever gave us.

JJ: Does it concern you that President Trump endorsed your Republican rival John Cox? 

TA: I’m the only candidate that voted for and supported the Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump. John Cox is a failed politician for starters. He’s previously run for U.S. president, U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate, even county [Recorder of Deeds] in Illinois and lost every single time. We were a little bit surprised by [Trump endorsing Cox]. This is Republican establishment politics at its very worst. [Congressman] Kevin McCarthy convinced Trump that because of Cox’s money, he’d be able to make it to the [California gubernatorial runoff]. Unfortunately, everyone knows there’s no way John Cox could ever be elected or could ever beat Gavin Newsom. So once again, the establishment Republicans have sold out the Californian people. 

JJ: California was just named the world’s fifth largest growing economy. How would you protect DACA recipients and the thousands of undocumented workers who contribute to that economy?

TA: That’s not a correct statement. Immigration is the responsibility of the federal government. As the next governor of California, I will ensure we will enforce federal immigration law. We’re going to secure our border. It’s not legal to hire people in this country illegally. 

JJ: Do you support President Trump’s proposals to loosen EPA regulations in California?

TA: Every Californian wants a clean environment, whether you’re Republican or Democrat. The president understands clearly that this country belongs to the citizens, not unelected bureaucrats in government agencies. I will ensure that we once again have a thriving timber industry and healthy forests in the north of the state. We’ll have a thriving, driving industry in gold country. We are, after all, the Gold Rush state. We will once again have the ability to utilize our own domestic energy and become energy self-sufficient. 

JJ: You’ve also said you want to reform the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). What is your plan for doing that?

TA: CEQA has been used as a weapon by organized labor groups to stop development across the state of California. We’ll dramatically shorten the time needed to not only get approval for projects in California but also streamline the regulatory and court process so we can actually build once again in California.

JJ: What will you do to protect Californians from increasing gun violence, especially in schools?

TA: I have an A and an A+ [rating] from the NRA [National Rifle Association] and the Firearms Policy Coalition, because the Second Amendment is our right, not a privilege. I introduced legislation to make California a shall-issue CCW [concealed- carry weapon] state, giving every Californian the ability and the right to protect themselves, whether you’re old or young, rich or poor, man or woman. Furthermore, we’ll get rid of the handgun roster of the California Democrats. And lastly, we’ll get rid of the ammunition registry of Gavin Newsom. We will allow our children to be protected while in school by licensed and trained individuals. No longer will little old ladies have to walk in fear. Criminals will now think twice because that little old lady and everyone else in California will have the ability to protect themselves.