The 7 Best Tools For The Post COVID-19 Workplace

There is a wealth of apps and software that claim to help with the smooth functioning of your post-COVID-19 workplace.
April 14, 2021
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COVID-19 has compelled businesses to embrace flexible work arrangements and promote a remote work culture among employees. However, the lack of proper tools and strategies has made the transition overwhelming for all stakeholders.

To be productive, remote working requires a range of resources for team management, communication, collaboration, video conferencing, and more. Your team must have access to tools and platforms that facilitate these functions.

However, finding these resources is easier said than done. There is a wealth of apps and software that claim to help with the smooth functioning of your post-COVID-19 workplace.

We make the choice easier. Here is a round-up of some of the best tools you can leverage to get your business back on track and enable your remote employees to maintain productivity.

Profit.co is a full-fledged Objective and Key Results (OKR) solution that help you evaluate and manage employee performance, responsibilities, tasks, and productivity.

Furthermore, the tool lets you streamline the end-to-end Performance Appraisal management process. The platform also enables periodic performance management, feedback, and reviews with your preferred approach.

The biggest selling point of Profit.co is this tool’s capability to facilitate appraisals that are affinity-based for all your employees, regardless of their location. It also allows your teams to get peer review and self-assess their performance to increase their productivity.

The ultimate OKR software solution aims to track your employees’ and team’s progress to assess their overall performance.

With Profit.co, you can measure your implementation and employee engagement while making sure all team members are aligned to achieve collective goals and work on projects irrespective of where your employees operate from.

All in all, this comprehensive OKR platform lets you manage your workforce and scales as your business grows.

Messaging and chat apps have successfully substituted emails at most organizations. For remote workforce, having a powerful communication tool is a fundamental part of a business’s toolset.

Twist is a convenient tool that allows for seamless collaboration and communication that helps remote teams create a distraction-free workspace where they can manage projects with collaborative conversations.

Furthermore, this unified platform enables you to keep all your data and information organized while maintaining transparency. It helps you structure communication, prioritize focused tasks, and ensure company-wide transparency.

With Twist, you can implement a more thoughtful approach to team interactions by allowing distant teams to connect asynchronously and minimizing distractions.

Keeping your projects on track and monitoring their progress and completion are the most challenging aspects of remote teams—fortunately, the ever-evolving trends of digital tools for remote working to address the company’s task-related issues.

Asana is a project management solution that is a great option that helps you manage your team member’s work. The tool’s strength is its automation features and advanced visualization.

With Asana, you can conveniently adapt to your remote team’s unique workflow. This makes it an ideal task and project management tool for the remote workforce, irrespective of its size.

All in all, it’s a comprehensive tool that effectively helps you manage tasks and projects, lets you monitor their progress, and provides you with useful analytics.

Pipedrive is pipeline management and sales CRM software designed to help your remote teams stay on track. It is a powerful sales CRM platform that directly facilitates businesses and leads into sales pipelines from web forms or chatbots.

Furthermore, you can also track the conversations with your customers across emails, calls, and more. You have access to contact histories that help you deliver a more tailored experience to your end-users.

With Pipedrive, you can automate redundant tasks that help you save time and money and builds a simplified process that suits your established workflows. Moreover, you can customize your company’s reports with relevant metrics to your sales objectives and expectations.

Adapting to remote work post-COVID-19 may require some time. However, the various digital tools like Pipedrive facilitates your workforce to stay organized.

Collaborating and working with remote teams across various time zones can be challenging for businesses trying to adjust and embrace distant work structures in a post-COVID-19 workplace.

World Time Buddy is a robust time management platform that helps you effectively schedule meetings and agree on deadlines for your remote teams scattered across the globe.

Furthermore, the platform also enables you to integrate it with Google Calendar to save time when setting up deadlines and conference calls. You can create and share event-related details while minimizing the chances of errors.

World Time Buddy is incredibly simple, easy to use, and implement into your business processes.

Skitch by Evernote is a brilliant application when it comes to reminders and notes. It’s an awesome notepad app that helps you with attachments, audio messages, reminders, etc. which is pretty convenient for users

Furthermore, Skitch app also allows you to take pictures of business cards, office whiteboards, documents, etc. It’s a game-changer application for businesses who want to thrive in a remote work environment.

You can also avoid confusions by including circles and arrows when you share your screen

Collaboration and task management can become a hurdle when working with and managing remote teams. ProofHub is an online collaboration and project management tool that helps you overcome this challenge.

ProofHub is an all-inclusive tool that can help remote teams by providing a dedicated workspace for file sharing and discussions in real-time.

You can manage tasks with due dates and set custom roles and assignees that help everyone involved in a project know about their responsibilities and deadlines. Also, you can get customized reports that let you manage, plan, and organize your resources, tasks, and projects.

ProofHub can easily integrate with other applications like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive that brings everything under a centralized platform.

Wrapping Up

It is imperative for businesses to deploy the right combination of tools which entirely depends on your workflows and your teams.

If you are just starting out, adjusting and transitioning to a post-COVID-19 workplace, it can get quite overwhelming for you. This makes it all the more important to invest in the right resources so you can achieve your business goals despite the distancing.

Hopefully, the above tools can help you transition smoothly and help your business survive and thrive with minimal disruption, making the recovery process easier for your workforce.

Jay T. Ripton is a freelance business, technology, and lifestyle writer out of Scottsdale. He loves to write to inform, educate and provoke minds. Follow him on Twitter @JTRipton.

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