November 18, 2019

The Misogynist PLO Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Fatah FB post glorifying Dalal Mughrabi.

Last week, Younes Arar, a member of the PLO and Palestinian Authority (PA), posted on Facebook the below diatribe against Israeli women who bear arms, instead of “carrying handbags.” Arar blamed the existence of such women on Israel purportedly being a “sick, violent, hateful and racist ‘society’”:

The misogyny is bad enough, but the lack of any acknowledgment by Arar of the violent racism he supports, or the reason these women sometimes carry weapons instead of handbags, is practically breathtaking.

As a member of the PLO and PA, Arar knows that in Israel, most young adults, male and female, are drafted.
Arar also knows that these individuals, including those who serve in a support capacity, undergo some form of basic training, which includes, of course, training on how to shoot an M-16 (the weapon in most of the pictures Arar posted).

It is also likely Arar knows that the women in these pictures are generally being photographed on their way to or from the army, which is why they have their weapon on their person. Arar should also know, because Israel has fairly strict gun control laws, that most of these women will likely only carry a weapon for a relatively short time period.

But Arar makes clear that he prefers women “carrying handbags” … and he calls out as “sick” and “racist” a society where female soldiers, like their male counterparts, also carry weapons. Of course, this makes some sense. Given that as part of the PA, Arar supports a society that is among the most misogynist in the world.

Arar literally calls for the elimination of the only state in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) where women have full equal rights. Arar supports replacing Israel with a society where women are second-class citizens. Arar works to replace the country that protects Arabs from “honor killings” with a society that regularly murders women and gays who “dishonor” their families.

Notably, most Israelis would love nothing more than to not have to serve. Most Israelis would prefer to focus on what so many of them do best—working, creating, enjoying life and developing technologies that improve the lives of billions of people. Sadly, that cannot be; because since Israel first declared its independence, it has been under attack by hostile countries and people like Arar.

After Israel extended its hand in peace to all of its neighbors before it announced its independence, the Arab League announced a war of annihilation. Today, Israel has Hezbollah, Iran and Syria to its north, Hamas to its south and ISIS in the Sinai. Given that Israel is only 9 million people surrounded by dictatorships and theocracies with nearly 500 million people, Israel has to have a draft. Otherwise, the Jews of Israel would be about as safe as Yazidis or Kurds in Iraq or Syria, who throughout history have been massacred by Arar’s Arab supremacist counterparts.

Perhaps that is why Arar finds Israeli women with rifles so offensive. Why does Arar want Israeli women limited to handbags? So Jewish women can suffer the same fate that has befallen Yazidi women and other minorities in Arab-controlled lands. Or perhaps Arar is just offended by strong women? After all, more women in Israel fly fighter planes than drive cars in Saudi Arabia. And while Israeli women have already served as Israel’s Prime Minister and Chief Justice, among Israel’s neighbors even having a genuine election and actual civil rights would be a major step forward.

As for the “sick, violent, hateful, and racist society,” it is not in Israel where hate is taught at every level of society and murder is both sanctified and rewarded. In Israel, Arabs are high-ranking officers in the IDF. An Arab is the CEO of Israel’s largest bank. An Arab Supreme Court Justice sentenced Israel’s president to prison.

In supposedly “sick and racist” Israel, Arabs regularly participate and win on nationally televised game shows (such as Top Chef and Israel’s version of American Idol). Meanwhile, under Arar’s PA, they teach Arab children that Jews are uniquely evil. They teach that Jews caused World War II. They teach that the Holocaust never happened. They teach that Jews use children’s blood in their baked goods and that Jews traffic in human organs.

The PA president for life, Mahmoud Abbas, has regularly trafficked in antisemitic libels, claiming the Holocaust was an exaggeration, claiming “Jewish behavior” caused the Holocaust, and claiming rabbis poison Arab water wells.
Arar’s PA operates a “pay to slay” operation that pays pensions for those who murder Jews. The more Jews you murder, the more the PA pays you. If that is not enough, Arar’s PA encourages Jew-murder by treating every person who murders a Jew as a hero.

Hallel Yaffa Ariel was 13 when she was murdered. She was sleeping in her bed, dreaming about her recent dance recital. Her dreams were interrupted by a 16-year-old boy who broke into her bedroom and stabbed her over 30 times. The stabbing of Hallel was part of a wave of attacks by Palestinians who had been shooting, stabbing and running down Jews with their vehicles, all with the encouragement of Palestinian society, including in the PA’s social media and in popular songs.

In Arar’s PA, a young man who stabbed a 13-year-old girl over 30 times is a hero on the Fatah (PLO) official Facebook page.

No wonder this murderer’s mother told the media: “My son is a hero. He made me proud.” Arar’s PA pays the family of Hallel’s murderer a reward that is over 8 times the average salary of a high school teacher in Ramallah.

Dalal Mughrabi participated in one of the most barbaric terrorist attacks in modern history, known as the “Coastal Road Massacre.” Mughrabi and 10 other PLO terrorists hijacked a bus and began to murder those inside. By the time the Israeli police were able to take control of the bus, Mughrabi and her cohorts had murdered 38 Israelis, including 13 children, seven of whom were under the age of six.

Under Arar’s PA, Mughrabi is a hero. Two girls’ high schools, a computer center, a soccer championship, two summer camps and a public square are named after her. Talk about a “sick, violent, hateful, and racist society.”
Bottom line: if you murder Jewish children, disembowel pregnant Jewish women, or stab Jews to death, you receive an official stipend by Arar’s PA for the rest of your life. Even if you don’t survive the attack, your family will receive, on average, over $3500 per month. It is the “murdering Jews incentive plan.” It’s official PA policy, as is lauding the murderers in social media, naming squares, schools, and sporting events after them and otherwise encouraging the next generation of Jew-murderers.

Perhaps instead of feigning offense at Jewish women carrying weapons as a part of a military service, which was forced on these women by nearly 100 years of Arab hostility, Arar should try to get his own house in order. Try to put an end to the hatred, totalitarianism and conspiracy theory-driven Jew-hatred that makes Jew-murder one of the greatest achievements in Palestinian society.

Micha Danzig is a former IDF soldier and NYPD Police Officer. He is a practicing attorney, speaker and writer, active with organizations such as StandWithUs and FIDF.