My Single Peeps

My Single Peeps: Avi R.

Avi’s a good-looking guy. He’s funny. He’s tall. He attracts women easily. We often write and act together in projects. He was raised in Southern California, and he likes to surf. He’s a talented photographer. He likes yoga. He likes to eat nuts and berries. I don’t like to do any of these things, so it would be really nice to find him someone else who can keep him company.

My Single Peeps: Shmuly G.

Shmuly is the least typical Chasidic Jew you will ever meet. The guy\’s an anomaly. He will never cut his beard, and he always wears a yarmulke, no matter where he goes, but he will go anywhere. I mean, you can find him backstage at a Paul Oakenfold concert, or ranking third place in a 5K run to cure cancer. This picture of him is from a jewelry line that loves Shmuly’s look and insisted that he be in their catalog. He was just asked to be in a Pink music video but turned it down because it would have required him to lie undressed in bed with Pink and, although he’s not square, for him it wasn’t that funny a concept.

My Single Peeps: Meredith Salenger

I met Meredith through my friend, Matt. I was riding my bike in the hood when he pulled up next to me in his car, with Meredith sitting in the passenger seat. He introduced us, and she said, “You’re cute.” I said, “Thanks. I’m married.” With barely a blink, she asked, “Do you have any friends?” Very forward. No shame. She knows what she wants. Yet I remember thinking, “I’m on a little BMX bike — a man-child doing pop wheelies in the street. What’s wrong with this girl?”

My Single Peeps: Ameenah K.

I met Ameenah when I was in sixth or seventh grade at “Jew camp.” She stuck out like a sore thumb … because she’s so funny. Oh, and she’s black. And there weren’t many black Jews at Jew camp.

My single peeps: Yitzy P.

Yitzy likes to have fun — not the “get a table at a club, pick up skeezy girls, and then do cocaine with some strippers at an after-party” kind of fun…

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Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.

More news and opinions than at a Shabbat dinner, right in your inbox.