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What Happens to Us When Too Much Is Happening?

With this state of high anxiety sure to rise even further in the coming weeks and months, how can we keep our balance and sanity in the midst of the storm?

The Significance of Aesthetics in Judaism: Sukkot, 5781

May this Sukkot be a time of joy for all of us, and may the sheer beauty of this holiday enable us to feel that joy.

AJU’S Brandeis-Bardin Campus Provides Weekend Getaways for Sukkot

As Jews continue to navigate celebrating the holidays, American Jewish University (AJU) is creating unique, family-friendly, socially distanced getaways.

What Does it Mean to Have a Deeper Yom Kippur?

Rosh Hashanah begins the work. Yom Kippur seals it. But only if you are willing to go deep.

IKAR’s Yizkor Memorial Garden: A Space for Memory and Community Connection

This year, as with everything relating to the High Holy Days in the era of COVID-19, the space that IKAR carves out for grief had to be rethought.

Discovering Communities During Rosh Hashanah

Community. We talk so much about it: the meaning of community; why it is needed; what it means to belong to a community; what...

Israelis Brace for High Holy Days in Shadow of Second Lockdown

The Ministry of Health says 5,238 new cases have been confirmed between Thursday and Friday, setting yet another negative record. Restriction on movement is somewhat relaxed from 500 yards from one's home to 1,000 yards.

How High Holy Day Services and Arrival of 5781 Are Going to Look Across America

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, synagogues nationwide have drastically adjusted their holiday programming to minimize congregant interactions and time spent in one area. Still, the point, say rabbis, is to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, in whatever form that looks like.

A Tale of Two High Holy Days: Why Orthodox Jews Are Going to Synagogue While Everyone Else Is on Zoom

(JTA) – At the Jewish Center on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, this year’s High Holy Days will be anything but normal. With eight services happening...

The Orchestra: Thoughts on the Last Shabbat of 5780

I have experienced a much-divided self lately as I have been thinking about the sovereignty of the Divine, the core theme of Rosh Hashanah....

What This Tisha B’Av Meant for Me: My Temple is in Trouble

Next Tisha B’Av may be different. We may be commemorating the loss of something much more meaningful.

Ukraine to Let in at Least 5,000 Uman Pilgrims for Rosh Hashanah Chief Rabbi Says

The quota may rise as high as 8,000, but the pilgrims will have to wear face masks in crowded places and refrain from gatherings of more than 30 people.

Tisha B’Av and the Enormous Pain that Still Exists in the World

Tisha b'Av for me has been about the enormous suffering that still exists in the world, the billions whose lives are food insecure, sanitation-less, healthcare bereft, and whose cultures are threatened because poverty has forced them into exile.

Tisha B’Av 5780: Understanding How Much We Cannot Understand

This year, we sit on the curbs of our sidewalks, on the streets of our land, instead of on the floors of our synagogues, as we remember Zion.

I’m Trying to Smile on Tisha b’Av, the Hardest Day of the Year

Photo-journalist Ruth Gruber made me laugh. Maybe I shouldn’t be laughing on Tisha b’Av, I thought.

Stay Up During Shavuot By Attending the Overnight DAWN Festival

The tradition of staying up all night on Shavuot to study Torah (Tikkun leil Shavuot) is getting a multi-track makeover this year with the...

Table for Five: Shavuot Special Issue

One verse, five voices. Edited by Salvador Litvak, the Accidental Talmudist Now it came to pass in the thirtieth year, in the fourth month, on...

The Sisterhood of the Book of Ruth

When 7-year-old Jenna Bishop asked her mother, “Please tell me about God and heaven and what it all means,” the reply was swift. “You...

Thousands of Virtual Holocaust Memorial Plaques To Be Projected on Birkenau Gates

Although the 2020 March of the Living will not take place on Holocaust Memorial Day due to the coronavirus pandemic, an estimated 10,000 people...

How To Mark Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, At Home

As the Jewish world continues to confront growing ethical, practical and moral questions surrounding the coronavirus, the Tzohar rabbinical organization is calling on people all over...

What COVID-19 Teaches Us About The Plague of Darkness

What's darker than not being able to see the people you love?

Russian Jews Kept Passover in Siberian Labor Camps. We Can Do It Now.

This year, Passover seems unreal. Instead of a gathering of friends and family (including the kvetchy relative that we all dread) it’s just going...

Forgot How Good ‘The Prince of Egypt’ Is? Well, Now It’s On Hulu.

Social distancing and staying inside is hard. Thankfully, accessing good things to watch during this time is not. This is the first installation of...

Pesach: Unbreakable Soul

On the first night of Nissan, we start counting until the moon is full on the 15th of the month. This is seder night,...

How Different Will This Night Be: 10 Tips for Your Virtual Seder

The greatest gathering of the Jewish year is nearly upon us and this year, the Passover seder will be celebrated like no other. Mah nishtanah...

I Get By With a Little Charoset From My Friends

This year for Passover, I’m thrilled to share some traditional recipes from an Israeli friend, Hedva Amrani, which we’ll include at our seder. Amrani is...

On Not Observing Purim This Year

Sorry, Rabbis of the Talmud, I didn’t dress up in a costume Like I was supposed to, Didn’t get so drunk I couldn’t differentiate bless and curse Like you said we should, Didn’t...

Purim: From Exodus to Esther

It would make sense to start the Jewish year on Rosh Hashanah, literally the “head of the year,” but that’s not how it goes...

Chanukah – Our Trust Deed to History

My grandson asked why we make such a big fuss about Chanukah. By the tone of his voice, I could tell that a juicy...

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Trump’s Jewish Outreach Point Man Makes His Pitch

Boris Epshteyn, a senior adviser to President Donald Trump and co-chair of Jewish Voices for Trump, shared the Trump campaign’s pitch to the Jewish...

Adherents to Faith-Based Diplomacy See Political Boost for Israel

The Media Line: Josh Reinstein is the author of Titus, Trump and the Triumph of Israel, a new book just out on the power of...

U.K. Labour Party Suspends Jeremy Corbyn Over Anti-Semitism Report

The United Kingdom’s Labour Party suspended former party leader Jeremy Corbyn on October 29 following the release of the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s...

Officials: Visa-Free Israel-UAE Pact Historic – Although Familiar

THE MEDIA LINE — Israel and the United Arab Emirates made history last week by signing a visa exemption treaty, the first such agreement...

Two Weeks After Twitter Bans Holocaust Denial, Twitter’s CEO Says It’s Still Allowed

(JTA) — Two weeks ago, Twitter banned Holocaust denial. Or did it? The company announced earlier this month that it would ban posts that “deny or...

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