December 16, 2018


Weekly Parsha: "The dove returned to him in the evening, and behold it had plucked an olive leaf in its mouth." -Genesis 8:11
Morocco recently decided to include Holocaust studies in its educational curriculum. How important is this step?
While tahini is ubiquitous in Middle East cuisine, it’s never the main component. “Tahini deserves a front-row seat,” Berrebi said.
Taylor Swift broke her political silence Sunday night by endorsing two Democratic candidates in Tennessee, but it came with consequences. 
Comedian Amy Schumer and actress and model Emily Ratajkowski were arrested alongside 300 other protesters Thursday
Jon Stewart and Maggie Gyllenhaal are gearing up to get behind the camera on their upcoming features "Irresistible" and "The Lost Daughter."
People seem to pass on their used glass vases to me — those left over from old flower arrangements or the ones they picked u
For the past nine years, Ken Fuchs has directed every episode of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” winning Emmy Awards for
Of all the challenges that confront those who identify as Zionists, perhaps none is so poignant and heartbreaking as the fact that “Zionism”
In the opening minutes of Israeli filmmaker Savi Gavizon’s “Longing,” middle-aged bachelor Ariel Bloch gets news that’s not only shocking
Carl Laemmle not only hired women but turned them into directors and writers. They wrote and directed short reels and feature-length movies.
Czech-Jewish writer, Franz Kafka entrusted his friend Max Brod with a collection of manuscripts, instructing him to destroy them. He did not. 
I got a little insight into “Israeli happiness” while eating the best French toast I’ve ever had, at Kirsh Bakery and Kitchen
The Lord turned to Abel and to his offering. But to Cain and to his offering He did not turn. — Genesis 4:4
It started last night when a fly flew at my face and I flinched. I feared. I forgot. 
“What do you want to be when you grow up?” As a child, Rifka Lebowitz said, “I always knew I wanted to help people with their money."
Seth Rogen will portray a Jewish immigrant pickle maker and his great-grandson in a new untitled comedy for Sony Pictures.
The 1970s were a grim decade in New York: the city teetering near bankruptcy, the Son of Sam murders, Studio 54. 
Tony-winner Idina Menzel, will reunite with "Wicked" co-star Kristin Chenoweth for the NBC special “A Very Wicked Halloween."
One of the most joyful ways for children to participate in Simchat Torah is to wave flags in the synagogue.
The food landscape abounds with various categories of purveyors, ranging from trendy to hipster to traditional
To turn the page in a book All you need is one hand, A motion like a tiny rainbow.
In the summer of 2014, Steve Wozniak ­­— the man who helped develop the personal computer — visited Israel for 24 hours.
Sarah B. Mantell’s “Everything That Never Happened,” seeks to right the wrongs William Shakespeare wrought. 
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