November 16, 2018


Al Franken, accused of sexual harassment, felt compelled to resign his seat in the U.S. Senate. Republican Brett Kavanaugh, accused of sexual
At one fleeting moment in the coverage of the killings at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue, a young Jewish couple
More than 100 men and women have served on the Supreme Court, but only one can be fairly described as a rock star.
The belief in magic harks back to Persia and to the pre-Islamic period of the Zoroastrians. Magi, the term for Zoroastrian priests
I had carefully outlined about Amy Ephron's newest books, “The Castle in the Mist” and its companion, “Carnival Magic,”
Not unlike “Maus,” the graphic version of “The Diary of a Young Girl” is both a challenge and a wonderment. 
Of all the challenges that confront those who identify as Zionists, perhaps none is so poignant and heartbreaking as the fact that “Zionism”
“My prognosis for the Jewish future is grim,” announces Tal Keinan at the very outset of “God Is In the Crowd"
On our first trip to Israel, we traveled via Rome to Jerusalem.
Look at these great books for kids of all ages and reading levels this new year.
Still working on your summer-reading list? Here are just a few forthcoming books of Jewish interest that you may want to look out for.
A poignant and chilling story about the 1972 hijacking of a Sabena airliner is told by Ehud Barak in his newly published memoir,
“I cannot live without books.” These famous words were spoken by Thomas Jefferson on June 10, 1815, but they were most likely born on...
Exodus 23.16: “[And you shall observe] the Feast of the Harvest, of the first fruits of your work, of what you sow in the field …”
Shavuot is a festival with three names: the Feast of Weeks, the Day of the First Fruits, and the Harvest Feast.
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