September 17, 2019

Cover Story

Watching President Donald Trump equivocate during his criticism of the recent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville many liberal Jews saw a new low.
You don’t get rid of hate; you just have to be prepared, always, to fight it. It appears we now have to do battle with a feckless president.
I’m playing divine intervention, forcing chance encounters. Get a Hitler Youth leader and a Holocaust survivor in the same room and film it?
Ursula Martens spent her youth adoring Hitler and became a leader of Hitler Youth. Now 88, she feels regret and remorse over her past.
Sermons infused with anti-Semitic language delivered by imams in two California mosques on the same day have reignited tensions in Jewish-Muslim relations.
Jewish life in Hungary has suffered primal and perhaps permanent wounds, but the country’s remaining Jews are dogged and determined.
Virtually every aspect of life in Gaza continues to deteriorate. One can start with the crippling electricity outages, which can last as long as 21 hours.
The truth is that I had never actually met a Jew. I grew up in a Libyan village of 20 families, a collection of mud huts with palm-frond roofs.
Juna Grossman, a 40-year-old Jewish woman, sat there ready to take questions, as a Jew “rented out” through a German-Jewish program called Rent a Jew.
It was a war the world had never seen — pre-emptive, daring, lightning fast. In six days — 132 hours — one small army defeated five.
Israeli air attacks against Egypt, called Operation Focus, begin at 7:45 a.m. Israel later begins airstrikes in Jordan and targets Syrian air force bases.
Few wars fought on any soil have had as profound an impact as the Six-Day War. We asked Jewish leaders, thinkers to assess the war’s aftermath.
“Pray for Israel — Act for Israel” That was the fervent banner headline I splashed across the front page of Heritage on Monday, June 5, 1967.
You wouldn’t necessarily know it to look at him, seated behind the window of his locksmith business, but Alfred Ozair has seen his fair share of history.
Two weeks after Sam “Mula” Goldman was discharged from active duty military service in May 1967, war broke out in between Israel and its neighbors.
David Bahat used to marvel at the paratroopers who would practice their jumps near where his family lived, in a refugee camp outside Tel Aviv.
We asked experts on homelessness what to do when passing a homeless person on the street. The answers have been edited for length and clarity.
Meylakh Sheykhet was a vision from the past. I had no idea who he was when he tapped me on the shoulder in the lobby of the Hotel Dnister in Lviv, Ukraine.
It was Lax’s fifth trip with the annual International March of the Living as a survivor, with the Builders of Jewish Education (BJE) teen delegation.
Congressman Adam Schiff, 56, is one of 18 Jews serving in the House, and these days, one of the most prominent of the chamber’s 193 Democrats.
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