November 17, 2018

What ingredients should never go in the fridge?

1. Tomatoes.
2. Garlic.
3. Onions.

I did not invent these no-­refrigeration principles. The Italians did. I am just the messenger. My cooking students across the country have learned what all Italians know, as they are essential to the outcome of good cooking.


Tomatoes​ will get mealy in the fridge. And they will lose their flavor. The tomato is good when it is sweet, and cold air will interrupt its ability to get and stay sweet. This goes for heirloom, cherries, romas, ALL tomatoes! How to Store Tomatoes:​ Take a beautiful bowl, place your gorgeous tomatoes in them, and let them act as colorful food art in your kitchen. And if they start to get soft? Make sauce! Recipe here: