January 19, 2020

Reducing the Number of Seniors Involved in Serious Car Wrecks

Approximately one-tenth of all licensed drivers in the U.S. are senior citizens. That might not seem like a large number but when you consider that there are various senior communities clustered together in the U.S., you can have thousands of seniors conglomerating on the road simultaneously. In enclaves in Florida, Brooklyn, Arizona, New Jersey, and Colorado, there are large groups of Jewish senior drivers in particular. Florida is a popular retirement destination, and it is also a state that has a high number of uninsured motorists. Seniors can be more susceptible to injuries in auto collisions because they heal slower and generally have more health issues than younger people.

So, how can Jewish seniors be protected from car accident injuries? A personal injury lawyer can rattle off statistics on leading causing of death in seniors and car accidents, but a real solution has to be put into place. Here is how members of the Jewish community can better protect their seniors from injury.

Analyze the Facts


The Center for Disease Control reports that over 200,000 senior citizens are injured a year as a result of being in car accidents. Sometimes they’re the passengers and other times they are the drivers, but just because a lot of seniors need emergency care as a result of a collision doesn’t mean that they’re at fault all the time. There’s also impaired drivers who have had too much to drink or insist on using their cell phones while operating vehicles. Then you have teen drivers who are a danger all on their own. If you have an older relative who is stubborn about driving everywhere, you can recount the facts and share why you’re being protective.

Offer Seniors a Ride


There are shuttle buses and paratransit that work to transport the elderly locally. Then, there is public transportation that can be used to help seniors get to their friends and relatives in other states. If anything, you can give your older Jewish relatives a ride to the store and insist that you take your senior neighbors on their errands if you’re worried about their safety.

Take Precautions When Driving Alongside Seniors


If you notice a motorist holding up traffic by driving too slowly in the left-hand lane and notice that a senior citizen is behind the wheel, you can cautiously and carefully pass by. Realize that many seniors have impaired motor functions, so they won’t react as quickly as younger drivers and they’re more likely to slam on their brakes instead of slowly slowing down. Seniors in Jewish communities and of other faiths can also be a hazard as they enter and exit traffic, so you can only do your best to avoid a crash. At the same time, if you truly believe that a senior is causing a serious hazard on the road then it is your civic duty to phone the police.

Seniors and even teens in Jewish communities and other neighborhoods can be difficult to contend with on the roads. With teens, there’s the issue of distracted and reckless driving. Older drivers might have impaired vision, hearing, and motor functions. Cut down on the number of Jewish seniors getting injured in car wrecks by spreading the word.

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