Shoshana Lewin-Fischer

Shoshana Lewin-Fischer

The ‘Show’ behind the show

The documentary, \”ShowBusiness,\” captures the behind-the-curtain drama of the 2003-2004 Broadway season, illustrating the ups and downs the public isn\’t privy to – from blockbusters that shine to \”turkeys\” that crash and burn.

Skateboarder’s project links charity and sport

Devin never thought he would get to bring his love for skateboarding into his rite of passage: \”I thought it would be like my sister, and I\’d work at a shelter, but this was a lot more fun.\”

“Wicked” producer Platt flies across another bridge

Platt has crossed more than a few bridges himself. After he graduated from Penn, where he produced a small off-Broadway musical titled, \”Francis,\” about St. Francis of Assisi, Platt studied entertainment law at NYU, while interning with agent Sam Cohn at International Creative Management, Inc. in New York.

Give me a happy ending

I\’m so happy that my parents are happy. Each of them are very much in love — just not with the other.

What’s Up for 2007?

YeLAdim will be mixing it up next year with more movies, books, music and TV reviews than ever before.

A wish list of guilty pleasures and goofy gifts

We\’ve all been there.

You go to the store, turn on the TV or pick up a catalogue and see something incredibly silly that you never in a million years would buy for yourself (it\’s also called a \”guilty pleasure\”). But you can always say you are buying it for someone else. So in the grand tradition of the Pet Rock, the Moses action figure and the snow cone machine, The Journal presents the Chanukah gifts you really want but won\’t admit it.


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