Shoshana Lewin-Fischer

Shoshana Lewin-Fischer

Chanukah Hoop Dreams

Picture the \”Bad News Bears\” in a basketball court, add kippot and a dash of Chanukah and you have the makings of the Disney Channel\’s latest original movie, \”Full-Court Miracle.\” The film is based on the true story of Lamont Carr (Richard T. Jones), a down-and-out former University of Virginia basketball star, who is asked to coach the Hebrew Academy Lions by the team\’s captain Alex Schlotsky (14-year-old Alex D. Linz). Schlotsky, after learning about the Chanukah legend in school, is convinced that Carr is really Judah Maccabee. Meanwhile, Alex\’s mother, a doctor, wants him to give up basketball and follow in her footsteps.

Kosher Sex

Talk about fiction: A show with four women who live in Manhattan and spend most of their time talking about men, eating and shopping — and none of them are Jewish? That all could change this season on HBO\’s \”Sex and the City,\” when one of the gals considers heading to temple.

Seder at Bubbie’s

Mah Nishtanah Ha Lila HaZeh Mikol HaLeilot?

Why is this night different from all other nights?

On all other nights I\’m required to act like a 25-year-old adult, but on this first night — being the youngest person at my seder table — I get to be a kid.

‘Big Brother’s’Jewish Castoff

"Big Brother\’s" Josh Feinberg is no Ethan Zohn, the curly-haired Jewish winner of "Survivor: Africa" who flew so low under the radar viewers almost forgot he was there.

Coincidence? I Think Not

When two friends who are torn apart by the Holocaust discover nearly 40 years later that they live in the same New York neighborhood, some would call it "coincidence."

The Hebrew Holiday of Love

\”It\’s a summer holiday, and Jews aren\’t around in the summer,\” Wolpe explains. \”People are less familiar with it, because it is a minor holiday with no specific observances.\”

Beyond the Kitchen

A roomful of women come together on a chilly December evening in Southern California. They eat, they laugh, they talk. One woman stands up and tells everyone that she learned how to say, \”No.\” Her announcement is met with applause. Another stands up and says how happy she is that she has the support of her friends and family.

To Warm the Soul

\”Chicken Soup for the Jewish Soul: Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit,\”

by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins.

(Health Communications, Inc., $12.95).

What if someone told you they were making chicken soup, but it took eight years for you to get your bowl? Several years after the release of their first book, the creators of the \”Chicken Soup for the Soul\” series, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, have prepared a warm bowl of \”Chicken Soup for the Jewish Soul,\” like bubbie used to make.


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