Shoshana Lewin-Fischer

Shoshana Lewin-Fischer

Calming those wedding-day jitters, virtually

The situation couldn\’t be more stressful: convince your ex-boyfriend to sing at your sister\’s wedding after the band quits; keep the groom\’s sister from making it \”her\” day; assure the groom\’s mother that it is OK to have a store-bought wedding cake; make sure the bride\’s divorced parents don\’t kill each other; don\’t let the bride know the groom had a stripper at his bachelor party; and above all, keep the bride calm.

Enter Elijah, designated drinker

Passover is a holiday near and dear to Marc Jaffe\’s heart. So when the \”Seinfeld\” and \”Mad About You\” writer went to a friend\’s house for a seder last year, he was let down when an Elijah\’s entrance gag bombed.

\”They shook the table. I thought, \’You gotta be kidding me,\’\” he said. \”You gotta have better effects than that.\”

Election 101 — who is your choice?

This time of year, we know that you are seeing signs everywhere about the upcoming presidential election. So many people, so many numbers; we think you should know what it all means.

Let kids rule the land

Kids can influence how their families handle the growing global warming issue, at least according to Laurie David and Cambria Gordon, co-authors of \”The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming\”

How to get your favorite things without losing your mind

At some point between \”Will you marry me?\” and \”You may kiss the bride,\” a happy couple must devote some time to the gift registry, which will help fill the shelves and drawers of their new home.

But the first time a couple walks into a store to register for their wedding gifts can be overwhelming. Myriad appliances, gadgets, pots, dishes and sheets seem to loom large, and the choices are dizzying.

Top Chanukah tunes

It\’s the same problem every year: There are a million songs about Xmas and three about Chanukah. OK, maybe not quite that, but you get the idea. In a world where \”Chanukah O\’ Chanukah\” and \”I Had a Little Dreidel\” just won\’t do, songwriter Adam Chester created a holiday miracle: a real Chanukah song that is being played on the radio that you and your parents can sing — together: \”Eight Days and Nights.\”

Producer Josephson’s vision for a new fairy-tale princess stars in Disney’s ‘Enchanted’

One of Barry Josephson\’s first forays into the world of fairy tales was in an elementary school production of \”Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.\” Although the \”Men in Black\” producer doesn\’t remember which dwarf he played, that glimmer of the land between \”once upon a time\” and \”happily ever after,\” started him on the path to creating Disney\’s latest film, \”Enchanted,\” opening in theaters Nov. 21.


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