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Pamela Paresky

A social psychologist with a clinical background, Dr. Paresky serves as Senior Advisor to the Open Therapy Institute and Advisor to the Mindful Education Lab at New York University. In addition to The Jewish Journal, her work appears in Psychology Today, The Guardian, Politico, Sapir, The New York Times, and elsewhere. She has taught at Johns Hopkins, the University of Chicago, and the United States Air Force Academy, and writes the Habits of a Free Mind newsletter. Follow her on Twitter at @PamelaParesky


There is no word in the psychological lexicon for what happened on Oct. 7 or the new world in which Israelis now live. But “shattered” comes closer than “trauma.”

A New Israel-Hating Curriculum is Coming to California School Districts

The curriculum authors, who define Zionism as “a nationalist, colonial ideology,” claim that there is a “current apartheid in Israel” and that Israel’s “settler colonialism” has “pedagogical importance” and therefore must be included in California’s ethnic studies curriculum.


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