February 24, 2020

Natalie Solomon

Fischer moved from his native Paris to Israel and is co-founder of SpareEat, an app that enables people to buy unsold food from restaurants.  
Gal Niv can solve any problem. She’s just the type of person you know can handle it — whatever “it” is. A missing cable connector a half-hour
Lately, Shikma Landau-Keysar can’t even grab a few things at the grocery store without it taking her an hour.
Yossi Shitrit’s Israeliness is so archetypal, it’s as if he’s a living, breathing stereotype of the Israeli male. His cockiness,
Yosef Abramowitz, the larger-than-life CEO of Israel’s Energiya Global, has been called many things: entrepreneur, activist...
For most of us, dental work is not at the top of our wish list. But for patients treated by Dr. Ihab Mansoure through Yad Sarah, a visit...
Eyal Biram has deep roots in Israel; his family’s presence in the region can be traced back eight generations on both sides.
When Natalie Silverlieb told her mother that she was moving to Vanuatu, her mother’s first response was “Vanu-what?” followed by, “Why?”
Maybe it’s his easy smile, his quick laugh or the way he greets his clients as if he’s been waiting forever to see them, but when Marcel Rubeh says,