Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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Michael Berenbaum


Lithuania’s Hidden Holocaust and the Writers Who Revealed It

“Our People: Discovering Lithuania’s Hidden Holocaust” is a powerful, poignant and painful exploration of the murder by bullets of Lithuanian Jews by Lithuanian nationalists...

How Ignorant Can They Be?

When Republican impeachment lawyer Steven Castor and Republican representatives implied Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman might have dual loyalty to the Ukraine, many Jews cringed....

Everything You Wanted to Know About German Jewry — and More

Recently, a group of scholars from Hebrew Union College, American Jewish University (AJU), UCLA and USC gathered to honor Steven Lowenstein on the forthcoming...

Jews Bar Jews From Their Own Synagogue in Poland

Last week I was in Poland for five days to participate in events marking the rebirth of Jewish life — not death — in...

Anti-Semitism: A Time for Concern, Not Panic

About a decade ago, I appeared on a panel with the late Robert Wistrich, who had coined the phrase “The Longest Hatred” to describe...

A Remarkable Life: From Arab Sahara to Jewish Los Angeles

As I read Ed Elhaderi’s powerful memoir — “Nomadic Soul: My Journey From the Libyan Sahara to a Jewish Life in Los Angeles” —...

North Africa and the Holocaust

As I was working with the team creating the Dallas Holocaust Museum and Human Rights Center, we decided to tell the story of the...

Simcha Rotem, Fighter in Warsaw Ghetto, 94

Simcha Rotem, who was among the last known fighters from the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising, died Dec. 22 in Jerusalem after a long illness....

Capturing the Mind and Heart of Jimmy Carter

There has been a spate of White House memoirs in recent months, many intended to settle scores; publicize gossip, accusations and rumors to score...

Night of Broken Jews: Remembering Kristallnacht

The massacre of 11 people at the Tree of Life Congregation synagogue in Pittsburgh has prompted comparisons to the 1938 attacks on the synagogues...

Pity Mahmoud Abbas

Only a confirmed hater of Palestinians — and a confirmed anti-Semite — could believe that they have the leadership they deserve. Permit me to explain. Last...

THE POLISH JEWISH STORY: A Historian Examines A Complex Relationship

Some books are timely, others are useful and still others are good. Joshua D. Zimmerman’s “The Polish Underground and the Jews 1939-1945” (Cambridge University...

Remembering Why We Must Remember the Holocaust

January 27th, the anniversary of the Soviet liberation of Auschwitz, is the day designated by the United Nations as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Observed...

The Matriarch of Beth Am: Rose Pilch Turns 100

When Rose Pilch was called to the Torah one recent Shabbat at Temple Beth Am, the entire congregation stood up in admiration and celebration....

Spicer and his critics are historically off

My Passover holidays were interrupted by the news, shared by friends in the synagogue, that the press secretary to the president of the United...

The paradox of today’s anti-Semitism

Jewish community centers and synagogues have received threatening calls. Headstones at Jewish cemeteries have been overturned in suburban St. Louis, Philadelphia and Rochester, N.Y.,...

Howard David Pilch, Attorney, Jewish Philanthropist, 69

Howard David Pilch, of Beverly Hills, died Aug. 30 at 69. An attorney, he was a former president of Temple Beth Am and a...

Howard David Pilch, attorney and Jewish philanthropist, dies at 69

Howard David Pilch, of Beverly Hills, passed away at the age of 69 on Tuesday, Aug. 30. He was a former President of Temple Beth Am and a prominent Jewish philanthropist.

With gratitude toward Donald Trump

No one compares to Adolf Hitler. He was incomparably evil. Nothing in American politics compares to Nazism. Nothing, not now – and hopefully never!

With gratitude toward Donald Trump

No one compares to Adolf Hitler. He was incomparably evil. Nothing in American politics compares to Nazism. Nothing, not now – and hopefully never!

Elie Wiesel, the moral force who made sure we will never forget the evil of the Holocaust

Elie Wiesel, the world’s best-known and most-influential Holocaust survivor, is no longer.

Jews could laugh everywhere, even in the Holocaust

Chaya Ostrower, “It Kept Us Alive: Humor in the Holocaust,” Translated by Sandy Bloom. (Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, 2014) pp. 439.

Marjorie Pressman, rebbetzin and philanthropist, 94

Marjorie Pressman, a notable communal leader and rebbetzin par excellence of Temple Beth Am in Los Angeles, where her husband, Rabbi Jacob Pressman, served as rabbi from 1950-1985, died at home April 4 after a period of declining health. She was 94.

Remembering the November 1938 pogroms known as ‘Kristallnacht’

Nov. 9, 2015, marks the 77th anniversary of the 1938 pogroms launched throughout Germany, a nation that, after March 1938, also included Austria.

Hitler needed plenty of help to kill the Jews – but no inspiration

In a speech to the World Zionist Congress, on Tuesday October 20, 2015, the Prime Minister of Israel said:

Rabbi Jacob Pressman, spiritual leader of Temple Beth Am, dies at 95

Rabbi Jacob Pressman, spiritual leader of Temple Beth Am for 35 years, community leader and civil rights activist, died peacefully at his home on Thursday morning, Oct. 1.

The Iran deal is done: What history should teach us

Thirty four Senators – 32 Democrats, plus two Independents who caucus with the Democrats – have come out in favor of the Iran deal, enough Senators to sustain a presidential veto, so approval of the deal with Iran and five American partners is a foregone conclusion.

To those who hear anti-Semitism when it is not there

I’ve learned a new term: “dog whistle.”

Geneva is not Munich, and President Obama is not Neville Chamberlain

If I could wave a magic wand, I would ask the Jewish community to stop using Holocaust analogies. They simply don’t work. We are different and the world is different.

Obama and Israel: rationality, self-interest and hatred

This past week President Obama went on a Jewish offensive.

Latest news

Zoom Provides Update Addressing Zoombombing

The video conferencing platform Zoom made available a security update to help users prevent Zoombombing. Zoombombing is when people disrupt a call, often with anti-Semitic...

Coronavirus Kills 15 At Amsterdam’s Jewish Old-Age Home

AMSTERDAM (JTA) — At least 15 people have died at the main Jewish elderly home in Amsterdam and another 22 are infected with the...

Bernie Sanders’ Exit Is A Painful Necessity For Jews

The orthodoxy of Bernie-ism no longer mandated Medicare For All and a Green New Deal, but a sharp disdain for Jewish people-hood.

LA County Requires Residents to Wear Masks in Public to Curb Coronavirus

Beginning April 10, Los Angeles County will be requiring residents to wear masks in public for an indefinite period to combat the coronavirus. The Los...

Swastika Found on Boston-Area Chabad

A swastika was found on a Chabad in the Boston area on April 5. A man can be seen on surveillance footage at around 1:40...
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