Picture of Mark Goldfeder

Mark Goldfeder

Open Letter to President Biden

Mr. President, you have called antisemitism “a stain on the soul of America.” Please do not let that happen on your watch.

Open Letter to Joe Rogan on Antisemitic Tropes

So no, Joe, Jews don’t love money any more than any other group. In fact, studies have shown that American Jews give a disproportionately large amount of their money away to charitable causes

Whoopi Goldberg’s Warped View of the Holocaust

To say that the mass extermination of Jews was just two groups of white people fighting completely minimizes the atrocity and pain of millions of innocent human beings who were systematically exterminated for their perceived racial inferiority.

No More Excuses—Time for Berkeley to Act

From a legal perspective, the dean (and the school) gave undo credence to the mischaracterization of the decision to exclude all Zionists as based on political viewpoint discrimination as opposed to anti-Jewish sentiment. Too bad the antisemites’ own attorney couldn’t help herself from saying more, thereby blowing that flimsy excuse completely out of the water.


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