Karen E. H. Skinazi

Karen E. H. Skinazi

What Does it Mean to Be ‘Truly Jewish’?

“The Postcard” is about ordinary people, Jews, who were forced to move from place to place, but never managed to outrun the antisemitism that ultimately led to their demise. 

Mrs. Maisel Meets the Son of Zion: Joshua Cohen’s “The Netanyahus”

From New York City to the Catskills to Miami Beach; from the luftmensch-professor father on Mrs. Maisel’s side to the meddling, overbearing Jewish mother on Mr. Maisel’s; add in some brisket and a few Yiddishisms here and there, and bam! — you’ve got Amazon Prime’s Jewish schtick conglomerate, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”


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