Judy Gruen

Judy Gruen

Six Months Later

Sept. 11 was a watershed event in American history. Every decent person felt shock and revulsion to the very core.

The Way it Is

This week, Atlas spoke at B\’nai David-Judea Congregation in Los Angeles to a small but passionately concerned group of local Jews about the state of affairs in Israel and about the phenomenal impact of Arutz 7 (Channel 7) in particular.

Confront and Comfort

Avi Schnnur doesn\’t get a lot of sleep these days. Schnnur, a West Los Angeles physicist who works for the defense industry, now spends nearly all his nonwork hours putting the finishing touches on a communitywide conference he has organized, billed as \”Spiritual Responses to September 11.\”

From Baptist to Beshert

Growing up in Mississippi, the granddaughter of devout Baptist sharecroppers, Delores Gray came from what she calls \”a praying background.\”

People of the Book

Business has continued to burgeon in the decade since Rabbi Shimon Kraft and his wife, Elizabeth, opened the 613 Mitzvah Store. There is rarely a slow time in the shop.

The 700 Habits of Highly Defective Parents

Gone are the days when responsible parents could get all the child-rearing wisdom they needed from Dr. Spock\’s \”Baby and Child Care\” and the occasional coffee-klatch with another parent or a clergyman.

Challenging Content

Hollywood may be taking a drubbing lately for its content and marketing practices, but if you ask Mark Honig, the industry has no one to blame but itself.

Of Chanukah, Grandfathers and the Real Meaning of the Light

My two grandfathers held one another in respectful, yet distant regard. My mother\’s father, a Polish-born, Conservative rabbi, devoted his life to Jewish education and study. He had little use for popular entertainment, and, despite his keen intelligence, rarely appreciated the jokes the rest of us found so funny.

A Committed Life

For as long as she can remember, Dr. Beth Karlan has been driven to answer one elusive question: what is the difference between a normal cell and a cancerous cell? While the question is common among medical researchers, Karlan\’s progress in discovering at least a partial answer has been both heartening and a continuing stimulus to continue the search.


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