Friday, October 30, 2020


Elyse Glickman


Helene Schneider: How the mayor of Santa Barbara does it

With its prime oceanfront location, fabled history and elegant architecture, it is not surprising Santa Barbara is still identified as one of Los Angeles’ swankiest backyards, as well as one of America’s hippest college towns.

Destination Bar Mitzvahs

Factor in the enormous guest lists, global cuisine and diversions such as high-tech interactive entertainment, and it is clear that bar and bat mitzvah celebrations have become more sophisticated than they were even a decade ago.

Self-styled historian seeks clues to Japan’s Holocaust survivors

Akira Kitade is a former Japanese tourism executive who still relishes the opportunity to show a newcomer the cultural sights of Tokyo. He also delights in showing off photos of his new grandchild and extended family.

Yosemite home to a fascinating Jewish past … and present

When many Jews think of the Gold Rush, one thing that often comes to mind is Levi Strauss and his watershed invention — blue jeans. While his fortune is forever associated with San Francisco, it is important to note there were other Jews who traveled west to find gold, but ended up prospering in other ways.

Hot Shots

The parents of post-bar or bat mitzvah children often display their photo album featuring moments from the big day — their child holding the Torah, posing with family, hanging on for dear life during the chair dance and mugging for the camera with friends. But these albums reflect how the parents see their child, rather than how the children see themselves.

Web Can Help Take ‘Oy Vey’Out of Planning Big Day

Bridal magazines and Web sites like TheKnot.com and WeddingChannel.com overflow with designer dresses, couture cakes, haute honeymoon destinations and dreamy reception ideas. But even the best-organized bride will tell you there is so much more to consider when planning a Jewish wedding — from picking the challah to contemplating a dip in the mikveh (ritual bath).

Chanukah Gift Guide 2008

Here\'s some ideas for gifts that will continue to inspire long after the chanukiah has been put away.

Save the date, save the world

Savvy couples are realizing -- in increasing numbers -- that when they send out invites, they are also sending out a message about their own sustainability practices. Some are turning away from paper and ink altogether and looking to cyberspace for their wedding communication needs, from the invites to thank-you notes, as well as albums and scrapbooks.

L.A. bakers suggest ways to make picking your cake a little sweeter

In Los Angeles, with today\'s foodie culture in full tilt, there is no \"one-size-fits-all\" option when it comes to choosing a bakery to create the perfect wedding cake.

Location, location, location

Destination weddings in spots like Hawaii or the Caribbean are a romantic way to start a new life with someone, but changes in the economy and fuel prices are forcing many couples to rethink the concept of getting \"married away.\"

Sweet somethings for that special day

No matter how you serve up your wedding, you ultimately want your guests to leave with a good taste in their mouths

Tolerance Museum director doesn’t tolerate status quo

The Museum of Tolerance is rarely the same experience twice, even with its permanent exhibits. New visuals, soundtracks and materials are added to keep the displays current and relevant. And while many people think of the museum as a \"Jewish\" institution, it is the \"human\" experience that touches upon issues that affect visitors of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

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