David Bernstein

David Bernstein

The DEI Dilemma

Should Jews look to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) movement for more protection, or should they oppose it because it undermines liberal values? An examination of the dilemma.

Poison Ivy League

A long-term plan to address the roots of campus hate and antisemitism will benefit not just the Jews, but America.

How an Old-New Ideology Alienates Immigrant Jews

Unfortunately, efforts to make the Jewish community more inclusive of Jewish diversity have been used to smuggle in an illiberal ideology—often under the guise of racial justice or antiracism.

How American Jews Should Navigate the Political Crisis in Israel

There are moderate Israelis on the center-left and center-right trying to build a sustainable politics and civil society in Israel. American Jews should spend less time condemning the extremists and more time supporting the centrists.”;td_smart_list_h”;h1


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