December 11, 2019

David Suissa

David Suissa is President of Tribe Media/Jewish Journal, where he has been writing a weekly column on the Jewish world since 2006. In 2015, he was awarded first prize for "Editorial Excellence" by the American Jewish Press Association. Prior to Tribe Media, David was founder and CEO of Suissa Miller Advertising, a marketing firm named “Agency of the Year” by USA Today. He sold his company in 2006 to devote himself full time to his first passion: Israel and the Jewish world. David was born in Casablanca, Morocco, grew up in Montreal, and now lives in Los Angeles with his five children.
If you’re a Never Trumper, you probably don’t see many redeeming features in our brash and rude tweeter in chief.
Natalie Portman must be a conflicted soul. In 2015, she told the Hollywood Reporter she was “very upset and disappointed” by the...
There’s something inexplicable about Israel. On the surface, we know it’s one of the most maligned countries on earth.
Inside the subtle mind of Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman, new President of Yeshiva University, who shares his insights on the pressing issues of modern-day Judaism.
The pesky truth about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict finally came out last week — and hardly anyone noticed.
Prolific author Joseph Telushkin discusses some of the most pressing issues in the Jewish world, including a need for more curiosity.
Go back a few centuries and picture yourself on a small street in a Jewish neighborhood in Casablanca, Morocco, as the sun is starting to set.
We make a statement by what we choose to feature on the cover. This week, we had to choose between two upcoming events —
Israeli scholar Micah Goodman weighs in on the world's most intractable conflict--and his ideas for a solution.
We’re living in very noisy times. We holler for joy if our team wins during March Madness, and we holler for change if we are...
Jewish rituals are very much about what we can’t do. We can’t eat on Yom Kippur, we can’t work on Shabbat, we can’t eat bread during...
I have a dear friend who feels nauseated anytime she hears the word “Trump.” It’s a physical reaction. She feels so disgusted by the man...
I remember the look on Rabbi Elazar Muskin’s face when I asked him if he could transform his very Ashkenazi synagogue, Young Israel of...
When push comes to shove, we often pick loyalty to a political party over loyalty to an idea or a truth. This is true whether we are...
I was on the phone discussing a provocative story about the Jewish holiday of Purim when news of the Parkland, Fla., school...
The big news last week was the Iranian drone that entered Israeli air space and triggered a potential war between Iran and Israel...
This is my 18th issue of the Jewish Journal as editor-in-chief, and, I have to say, these past few months have been exhilarating.
The more I learn about trees, the more I am blown away. These specimens of nature are the gift that keep on giving.
When Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas described Israel as a “colonialist project that is not connected to Judaism” —
Why would my mother serve an Arab kid before serving her own hungry children? I was about 6 years old, and my family was on one of those...
For the crime of shaking hands with her lawyer, cartoonist Atena Farghadani was forced to undergo a “virginity and pregnancy test” prior to her...
In the middle of the euphoria and hysteria that greeted last week’s U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, it was a story about...
“What is Judaism?” asks Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. “A religion? A faith? A way of life? A set of beliefs? A collection of commands? A culture? A civilization?”
When I left for Israel recently for a quick one-week trip to visit my son, I didn’t expect I’d be experiencing a cross section of Israeli society.
America is in a lousy mood. Everything is a mess. This is how Matthew Continetti describes the state of the nation in National Review Online:
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